Well, look…

The little info sheet from the vet said Lu could run around 3 days (!!!) after her surgery. That seemed absurd and I waited until 6 days. Then Lu and Loki were trying to play tug through the baby-gate and getting all desperate to wrestle and chase each other so we threw in the towel and went to find some snow close to home. There’s been SO MUCH around lately, it’s amazing to see it on the hills across the way and we got into it so low yesterday (800m). It’s very neat.

And as always the dogs had the best time. We found a little side track and came across a PRISTINE clearing which they promptly destroyed by romping through it.


2 thoughts on “snowasaurus

    • Em says:

      It’s pretty strange for us too. I love it though. I would LOVE to live somewhere where it snowed (occasionally!!!) at my own house. That’s like such a HUGE dream for me. It was so close to our place the other afternoon but didn’t quite get there. Just a day or two where there was snow on the ground and the dogs could run around and then it could go away. 😉

      But I can imagine that having solid months of snow would be tedious and annoying 😉

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