booked in

Lu is getting desexed tomorrow.


Not a moment too soon, I think- at the beach yesterday, they were all playing and running around together like they do almost every weekend. They were playing pinecone keep away like they do almost every weekend. They fetched the pinecone, Lu paraded with it, everything was good. Then Lu was between Penny and the cliff wall. Then she growled and I thought that was a bit odd because she doesn’t tend to growl when she’s playing, but thought she was playing. And then she attacked Pan. So as if I needed another reason to go ahead with the operation, I think I just got it. There’s nothing harder than unpredictability. 

I have a feeling, though, that she’s literally going to come into season this afternoon or tomorrow morning. She’s licking her bits today (sorry for TMI) and they’re definitely looking bigger so… that’s great. If she does, I’ll talk to the vet- there’s increased risks and bleeding and stuff if they do the op when they’re in season but who knows if that still applies at the beginning of the season, too. 

I spoke (on Facebook, anyway) with a friend of mine who also has an entire Aussie female and has been planning to desex her – and I told her that I’d booked Lu in, and in the course of our conversation I said that if I knew Lu (and I do), I wouldn’t want a puppy from her. Which, then you think – why would anybody else want a puppy from her?!


So it’s happening (hopefully) and I’m becoming more and more ok with it. 


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