throwback thursday

Feels like ages since I’ve posted.

There’s not a heap going on. I trained Lu yesterday and tried a new way of handling a front cross but it made her do beautiful straight extension jumping. Mechanics might not have been right so I’ll try it again. Also starting with a really low height and doing some mat targeting, so coming at this ‘can’t collect and/or bend’ problem with a double barrel.

Other ‘life stuff’ is happening, I guess. Been writing a post there but not sure I’ll post it. 

Taking Lu to a rehab vet guy tomorrow just to see if there’s anything actually ‘wrong’ with her that I can ‘fix’ with rehab exercises. 

One month to go until I have my own agility field (and longer commutes). 

Here’s a throwback Thursday to when Lu was Loki’s age (more or less)… I don’t seem to have a heap of photos of her from this stage.

Look at her little flip-down ears and little short coat.

Look at her little flip-down ears and little short coat.

3 thoughts on “throwback thursday

  1. Penny says:

    Look at that silly coat!!!! Too funny. She has such a different head in this! More information on the new FC’s. They sound interesting. I am going to try a post turn blind cross for fun this week. Cos I can and no one can stop me 😉

    • Em says:

      Yep she was pretty smooth for a while.
      It’s basically a front cross on the takeoff side facing the dog, taking steps backwards and ‘sweeping’ the dog across the bar with the off hand. Looks really nice in videos and worked really nice when I did it on a tree with Loki today but didn’t work with Lu over a jump. So I’ll have to see how I can change it for her.
      Post turn blind cross sounds interesting. I’ll be curious to see how it looks if you video 🙂

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