bend, 2.

So I did a little bit of jumping stuff with Lu this afternoon and I think it’s fair to say that currently she can’t bend, or at least finds it very difficult. Even when I was completely stationary, holding a toy at the landing position, and not setting her up to come in from too hard of an angle, and the bar at 400mm, she still sliced it, then turned back to get the toy after landing.

Curious about whether this was a new thing (eg. sore back, post surgery loss of flexibility etc) or an old thing, I just had a look at some old videos of our training, and sure enough there’s plenty of slicing and not much bending… how much of that has been dependent on my handling, I’m not sure.

Which then begs the question/s:

1. What do I do to solve this issue?

2. Should I rename cik/cap given the cues she has already don’t necessarily mean what I think they mean, for her. Eg. they don’t mean jump close to the bar being your body.


So to answer question 1 I think I have several options, none of which are fantastic because most of them involve 1 jump stuff which I suck at.


1. Susan Salo jump grids focusing on the ‘bend work’ grids.

2. Go back to a very low bar/no bar for cik/cap (and rename as discussed above?). Build up as per foundation program focusing on proper technique of wrap.

3. Use mat for foot targeting (tried this today and realised I’d forgotten how much we don’t like mat targeting but it could teach good takeoff points).

4. Other suggestions?


Polona said she indicates landing point and has the toy there and the dog basically lands while grabbing the toy from that point. While I think this is all well and good if my dog doesn’t actually physically know how to turn herself mid air, then I don’t think this is going to work as a viable option. Possibly if I were to move around and increase the angles from straight jumping to more of an angle maybe that would help. I’ll add that as option 5.


All that being said, even Silvia’s dogs sometimes slice like Lu:

slice & dice

slice & dice

But certainly not on every jump that requires the dog to turn, just ones where it seems harder to cue the turn early enough due to needing to push out or similar, or when the angle is such…


Bu coming in from the hard side-ways angle but cued early for a wrap:





But then, that doesn’t necessarily seem the norm. And I’m not saying that I’m like Silvia (duh) or that my dog is like Silvia’s (duh) but just analysing to see if there is really an issue here or if I’m making things up. Bi seems very bendy in this video.  I don’t think I AM, I do think she needs to learn to take off closer, and to twist herself around the upright, even a slight twist would be fine!




Then again…

Hmmmm….. So much to consider. BUT… all of that comes back to the fact that Lu slices like this even when the angle isn’t hard from the side but even if she just needs to do a regular turn at the top of a pinwheel. So I definitely need to do something.


… Just… not sure what that something is.


(Edit to add: That being said, have a look at this, from back in November. Jump heights are probably 300 or 400mm here but look…

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 9.27.04 pmI think that’s the most ‘mid air turning’ I’ve seen her do. And she landed close, too…. Hmmmmm…)



7 thoughts on “bend, 2.

  1. I think of the video that Noora showed in the OMD intro seminar of J & J out getting the dogs to do turns out around the trees. Is that a way to create the movement but make it a bit more enjoyable than I jump work. I do the ‘tree stuff’ quite a bit when we are just out on walks and use trees and posts.
    Have you had her checked out by a physio or the like?

    • Em says:

      Yep we’ve done plenty of tree stuff in the past. But she doesn’t really find it fun (why should I run AWAY from you?!) or motivational so we don’t do it. I don’t have many good trees around that would help in terms of bending – most are too big.
      Thanks for the advice though!

    • Em says:

      Oh forgot about the last- she’s been seeing a muscle therapist about once a month for over 6 months and saw a kind of chiro/muscle guy the other day who said her shoulder was out but fixed it up.

    • Em says:

      It’s interesting though cos she doesn’t like the spin trick and when she does it, her whole body is straight except she turns her head then kind of jumps around, front to back feet. Certainly she doesn’t bend herself much

  2. I’m actually sort of going through a similar thing right now. I noticed that my dog, Bolt, was starting to take some turns wider, and was less responsive the right/left commands he was taught at a young age. We’ve gone back to some fundamental jump training (Linda Mecklenburg) and I’ve been sure to only use the directionals when absolutely needed. I don’t know if you need to rename them, but reinforcing seems to help.I’ve also been trying to limit the number of uncecessary k-turns and the like to avoid indicating extension when I’m really calling for collection. Dropping the bars lower and maybe doing some multi-wrap work might help? Good to keep checking with chiro/ muscles though in case there is an underlying cause.

  3. Mel says:

    Hi there. I am curious if you have found any training solution for bend work? I am kinda stuck on the same thing, especially when in extention 😦 Really considering purchasing LM new book.

    • Em says:

      Hey, no, I have just come to accept that Lu does not jump well, and I don’t think she ever will. She’s not bendy and she doesn’t turn well. I will keep her in extension as much as I can, and be super strong with other turns (especially front crosses) but I don’t think I can do much more. I have the new LM book and I’m not sure if it would help Lu. It’s got conditioning stuff, which is nice, and like, flatwork, but Lu hates that wing wrapping stuff, and she can do that pretty well in terms of turning… I haven’t read the whole thing but I don’t think it would help her jump style. She jumps so weirdly in general that I don’t think it’ll ever be ‘fixed’. 😉

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