training from last week

So the day after my last post, I went and did some more training, this time trying to make some little sequences stuck together by doing the dogwalk once or twice in the middle, and including the weaves, too. I mixed up the sequence in some way every turn so she wouldn’t pattern to it.

What I found was that

1. She is so not used to hitting the weaves with speed. And if her rhythm gets mucked up at the start because she gets a little hooked up on one of the poles, she’ll skip the last few poles. She’s still learning so I’m not concerned. And she was happy, so I’m happy.

2. The dogwalk exits to a bar are starting to look much better. You can see in the video that it’s quite far from the end of the DW and that occasionally she’d still glance back but nothing like she was doing the day before. The bar before the tunnel was much easier and I was really impressed with the drive she was giving toward the tunnel, too. I think this was pretty much the first time we’d done the DW in little sequences like this so that’s useful. I’m going to try and set it up myself tomorrow to get some more practise in before the competition on Saturday.

3. She really had trouble with the bar before the dogwalk, either from the 180 turn (when the bars were like this: –      –  ) or from the far side of the tunnel to the bar directly before the dogwalk… She’d slice that bar which would put her out wide and have to come in to get on the walk… which I actually think was good learning and practise for her to do ‘slower’ dogwalk entries in that regard… But I’m not sure if that slicing could have been changed by my handling of the 180 somehow…. or if I should have left earlier as she was coming out of the tunnel (but then I worried she was going to miss the bar, or, like a weird, take the other bar).

4. It was cool to do some threadle-arm pulls to the opposite tunnel exit, but gosh she doesn’t need much of a pull (… sometimes).



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