fishy business

So, we all know about Lu’s motivational ‘issues’… and how recently she’s been getting more and more keen on food. Well, I’ve still been searching for ‘the ultimate’ treat I can take out walking with me – the one for awesome recalls, for great hand-touches, for agility jackpots. The thing that makes her eyes pop out of her head.

I’ve tried (with a rating out of 10 included for your viewing pleasure):

  • normal kibble (4/10)
  • ‘dog roll’ (cooked meat in a loaf from the supermarket) (5/10)
  • roast chicken (6/10)
  • sausages (7/10)
  • cheese (3/10)
  • raw meat (8/10)
  • liver treats (7/10)
  • these weird ‘lamb temptation’ things (7/10)
  • ‘lamb crumbles’ (I don’t even know, some kind of dehydrated meat) (7/10)
  • anything I happen to be eating (8-9/10)
  • raw fish (2/10)
  • kibble with fish/shark-based joint supplement (1/10)


And today I was cleaning out a cupboard and I found this little ziplock bag of cat treats- little mini dried fish. I gave one to the cats, who turned their noses up and then noticed Lu was all like “Hey, whatcha got there?” And I was like: “Oh, don’t worry Lu, it’s just fish and you’re not really into fish” (see above), and she was all like: “No, seriously. What is that amazing thing you’re holding?” And her eyes were all black and big like I’ve never seen her eyes so big like she wanted to eat this little mini stale fish with her eyeballs because I wasn’t putting it in her mouth fast enough and maybe if she just stares REALLY HARD it’ll fall into her eyeballs and she can savour the sweet sweet fishiness. And so I said: “Ready?” And she was like GIVEMETHEDAMNFISH and then I was like: “GET IT!” and she was like CHOMP and grabbed it from my hands, not in a Loki-take-your-fingers-off-with-his-sharp-little-teeth kind of way but in a more excited way than normal. So then I put a little mini fish on the blue plate that I’ve been using as a kind of target and made her run for it and the first time she was like: Yes, yes, running for food, ho hum. And then the next time she was like YAY I’M RUNNING FOR A MINIFISH!


CHOMP (with less enthusiasm than earlier today)

CHOMP (with less enthusiasm than earlier today)

So I’m hoping that the minifish doesn’t get 10/10 just because it’s new (because Lumen has a tendency to fool me like this, every time because new things are AWESOME , like new toys or a new box to shred or a new kind of treat and then they’re boring because they’re not new any more) but because weirdly she likes the taste of these horrible minifish because I can easily get more minifish for her and put them in her food pouch and she can get them when she does agility and recalls and then I can say she’s also getting omegas (right?)

(edit: just tried her on some minifish again. I’d say the excitement rating is down to an 8.5-9/10)


"This fish is so fishy"

“This fish is so fishy”

Also, I wrote a poem yesterday (I used to write lots of poetry in my angsty teen years) but I don’t know how I feel about putting it out for the world to see. Hmmm.


3 thoughts on “fishy business

    • Em says:

      She really does!! Such a weirdo. She loves Penny’s house so much because all the toys are new and belong to someone else so they’re the best toys ever. If I took them home, they’d be boring. 😉
      The fish are OK, but not the most amazing thing ever. I’d say about an 8/10

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