There’s one scenario that Lu finds quite challenging in a sequence. I don’t know if my diagram makes sense but it’s when she has to not WRAP the bar as such but does have to turn reasonably tightly. I posted a photo of her tackling it in a trial the other day where instead of bending around the jump she slices it. Despite all our cik/cap work and everything- I don’t think she’s naturally inclined to be a bendy dog- she doesn’t like spin as a happy trick (though I’ve been thinking of taking her to a chiro just for a check, who knows, maybe she’s sore!).
So I think my plan is- every night I’ve been getting her to do the curved tunnel and then get her dinner bowl. Drive to tunnel and happiness to do tunnel? Greatly improved! So maybe now it’s time to mix it up, or give her a breakfast and a dinner. Maybe breakfast needs to be positioned in such a place on the ground that she will learn to bend herself to naturally land on the path to the bowl. As well I might do some Multiwraps when we have time (though I question their use to be honest so I’m not sure they’ll happen often) and maybe angle the bar to encourage tightness. OMD tends to do a thing where their dog runs to the bar but then stops before jumping it to eat food from the hand then jumps it from a standstill. I tried this with Lu tonight though and she got all confused and weird so maybe you can’t do it from the side angle like this… Not sure.

Right now I have a Loki sleeping right across my chest as I’m laying in bed, and Mal taking up my feet room. Loki is super cute but also heavy and warm and somewhat uncomfortable.
He might be seeing snow for the first time this weekend. Yay!


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