goals: June update

A few days late of a month this time, but let’s check in on my goals from May


The other day I went through my goals from a month ago and realised I’d done some of them! So here’s our new goals:


  • Allow calf to heal- give yourself a week off from running. If at all possible. Seriously. 2 weeks would be even better. Update: Well, this was going ok but then I had competitions to get to. It feels pretty good today so I’m going to try and be careful and if I do some RC on Thursday I’ll try and not overdo it. 
  • Continue to watch your eating. Update: Umm…. Yes and no. Nic was away for a couple of weeks so while I didn’t overeat, I didn’t necessarily get lots of nutrition, either.
  • Look into an exercise bike on Gumtree Update: Nah. Let’s face it, I don’t like bikes, I don’t have time to bike without taking the dogs, and the idea of being on a bike when Lumen sees a kangaroo or something is quite terrifying (assuming she’s attached to it). 



  • Continue proofing weave entries but more especially independence once IN the obstacle. Been injured, haven’t really had time. 
  • Train one-jump body awareness and obstacle independence using OMD techniques. Whoops, forgot about this one.
  • Dogwalk exits. Find a good starting spot for consistent hits and then try different pulls/pushes etc. Try it into weaves, an almost-90-degree exit onto a table, etc. I was doing this and as a result shook her confidence a bit. I know now that it’s ok to run out straight THEN turn. 
  • Get that A-frame behaviour solid. She hit 3/3 beautifully at the trial the other day so I’m not worried about it now.
  • Backside bars and threadle arm – especially into tunnels.Been working on these.
  • Check out that Justine Davenport stuff and get working through the lessons. As above.
  • Do hill-running/sprints. Nah but letting Lu and Loki off-lead instantly results in lots of sprinting. 
  • Make time to do strength tricks often. Not as much as I’ve wanted but I just haven’t got time at the moment so we’ve been doing lots of playing and being excited for food instead.
  • Continue play class. 🙂 This was happening but the last lesson was on putting longer sequences together using different methods so I’ll just have to wait until we move for this part.  



  • Play for the sake of playing. Yes! He’s starting to get really good at bringing me toys back so we’re starting to just play more and hang out and cuddle.
  • Keep working on recalls especially on a long-line around wildlife. I haven’t been doing so much on a long-line but I did call him off a roo the other day in the dark which was impressive (I’d stolen his lead to use as a head-halter for Lu who was being insufferable… possibly because there were roos around). 
  • Visit big animals like cattle and horses to learn appropriate responses. Visit the dog park for more dog interaction. Continue socialisation in general. The first bit is still coming along. Response seems cautious but curious… Dog park yes, but he spends all the time obsessing over Lumen.
  • Start working on restrains to food, and on ignoring my movement while eating from a target. Do restrains to a thrown toy.  My little mate is very good at this. The toy can be dead dead dead and he’ll still run to it. And like he could care less what I’m doing when he’s running to food. I could be doing cartwheels on the back of a wooly mammoth and I don’t think he’d mind. 
  • Continue to work on puppy tricks (wraps, perch pivot, body awareness, foot targetting, backing up, leg weaves, GO GO!, stays, and recalls in general) Yep. Continuing. 
  • Shape him to pick up, mouth and carry a rubber ball to help with his jaw development. Gosh we’ve done a lot of this. He can put his ball in a little ramekin bowl now, and put shredded bits of paper in a little bin. 
  • Teach a “leave it” (or continue using “uh uh”) for food on the ground. Uhhh… Working on this one. He’ll leave it alone if I tell him to quickly enough (eg before he eats whatever he’s found) and is actually spitting food out now, but this might be a long road. 😉


  • Pat him as required. 😉
  • Feed him more! The vet said he was too skinny because if he gets sick then he won’t have any reserves to give him energy to fight off the infection or whatever. I found this surprising – I wouldn’t say Mal is underweight… he’s lean at the moment, yes, but I’m actually very careful to make sure my guys don’t carry excess weight, especially Mal as he’s getting older… He’s currently 18.? kg which is maybe a kilo less than he should be – they want him to be 20kg… I’m not convinced. (and for reference, at Mal’s skinniest, need to fatten him up, still doing agility stage he was 17.4kg, and at his heaviest, should loose weight, feeling pudgy stage, he was 21kg…. Lu is 18.3kg at the moment)…  but anyway, he won’t complain about more food!!! Oh, look, Mal doesn’t seem to want to put on weight. He’s not that skinny, he’s fine. 



  • Look into getting better camera.Well… I’ve looked. I can’t bring myself to buy anything yet.
  • Get a haircut. Seriously, I think it’s been about 4 months. (oh, I added these now for the next goals. whoops)
  • Start packing up the garage and the house.

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