progress report

  • We bought a new dog bed from the store today after realising the dogs were being forced to use the couch as there were no beds in the lounge. At first only the cat wanted to use it (figures) but then Lumen decides that if it’s good enough for the cat, it must be good enough for her. It’s good because it’s apparently water and dirt-resistant but it’s still soft. Most waterproof beds tend to be hard and crunchy and Lu doesn’t like them. So then this happened:
Aw, so much cuteness.

Aw, so much cuteness.

  • Also while we were at the store they had a 50% off section and there was a harness AND leash for $12.50! You can’t even get just a lead for $12.50! And it was Loki-sized! as in, he doesn’t have to wear Lu’s adult-sized harness but actually has a harness that will fit him for the next few months. And it’s blue and light blue and he looks very swanky in it and I just want him to wear it all the time. I can’t decide if I’m more excited because it’s new and shiny or because I have a dog who will actually wear a harness without having a nervous breakdown.
He doesn't look as if I just dropped 10kg of concrete on his back! Hurrah!

He doesn’t look as if I just dropped 10kg of concrete on his back! Hurrah! His eye looks really funky. I’m not sure why. He doesn’t have a weird eye.

  • Neither of these are at all what I was writing this post about so I should probably get to that point. Firstly, Lu went to see her muscle therapist today. Nic came along which is good because Nic asks useful questions like: “Is it a tear/sprain, or is it like a knot? Should we massage it? In circles or up and down?” and meanwhile I say things like: “Can you do agility!? How about running really fast!? Ok, and can she do jumping!?” So it was good to get more additional information. Apparently she has some kind of knot/possibly spasming muscle in her shoulder that’s then affecting her inner thigh muscle, I think, and also somewhere on her back, too… We’re to massage them (I get a bit creeped out by her inner thigh to be honest. There’s a weird veiny-vein in there that’s all veiney and weird) but she’s definitely allowed to run AND she’s allowed to do agility. Yeah! So we took both young dogs for a nice run at the park together afterwards (and she literally ran for about 45 mins with Loki. She doesn’t stop running any more. It’s awesome) and I’ll give her tomorrow off from any agility things, too. And she’ll get some nice leg-rubs. Lucky girl.
  • Speaking of legs, I’m feeling quite hopeful that by the end of this week I’ll be back to functioning as normal. I’m think that it was well on the way to recovery before the trial and then we had a slight setback because it’s feeling pretty good today. I can do calf raises and walk up hills without pain. Now I just need to keep taking it easy this week and see how it’s feeling by the weekend, and ideally give it another week before doing anything too extreme.
  • Which will be a little difficult because I’ve formulated a plan for training running contacts since I don’t have my normal training field any more… But I remember that ages ago I asked the Principal of my school if I could store stuff under the school and train on the oval and he said yes but then it would be hard for me to carry things from under the school onto the flat bit of the oval (it’s on a slope) and then I got the first field anyway so didn’t need to. Well now I need to, and then I remembered that an agility-keen helpful ex-student lives right nearby and so I asked her and now I have an assistant dogwalksetterupperer and in return will give her lessons and help train her dog. Plus I’ve said that since I’m not meant to be running she might have to run very fast in a straight line and do Lu’s RC for me. Since I only want to do straight exits for a couple of sessions, I can be the eyes to mark the hit and do the rewarding, and Mel can provide the forward motion. Yay!
  • But!!! This should hopefully be only for a month and a bit, or a little longer. Originally settlement to our new place was going to be at the end of August but they’ve requested earlier settlement which suits me just fine. So as long as we can get in and get some lights happening (since it’ll be taking me longer to get home and won’t be getting lighter for another month or two yet) I should be training on my own property in about a month and a half. HUZZAH!
  • Loki spent most of the night out of his crate last night. He was so sleepy and cute when I put him to bed- he went in his crate and didn’t want to come out so I left the door open… He ended up climbing onto the bed and settling down half under the covers between us. He needed some encouraging to settle down but eventually he fell asleep with his chin on my head, puffing into my ear. Gosh I just wanted to bundle him up and kiss him. He’s so cute. He’s an absolute menace when Lu is around with him- they just want to play and wrestle and run very fast and play keepaway and run very fast with toys and bite each other and lick Mal in the mouth… but when it’s just him and Lu is on the other side, he’s a model puppy- he self amuses with appropriate toys, is quiet and calm, stays within sight. So I currently have big dogs on one side of the baby-gate, and Loki in the kitchen with me.
  • He saw some alpacas the other day.
Paca alert!

Paca alert!


4 thoughts on “progress report

  1. Haha so funny! It’s good that you brought Nic along with you to the muscle lady 🙂
    Super exciting training plans with the RCs and especially with having your own yard to train in in less than 2 months!
    And Loki is just unbelievably cute. 🙂

    • Em says:

      Yeah I just can’t wait to be able to do different things at my own place. To get home after school and have a bouncy dog that I can take out and work with for 15 minutes will just be so cool. And all the RC stuff I can do, weave stuff… Gah! Loki’s going to have the coolest time training there.

    • Em says:

      Yeah so veiney and weird. Yuck. I gave her a shoulder massage yesterday, she seemed torn between anger and disgust, and enjoying it.

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