It’s been a while since I got some decent, non-iphone photos of the affectionately known ‘Little Mate’ (cos he’s such an Aussie battler, or something) so I got up early yesterday morning and had to wait until 7.20 to leave anyway (so probably should have slept in), saw it wasn’t raining, knew where to find some atmospheric fog and possibly frost, and headed out just me, him and the camera.



If you don’t want to look at the whole gallery you should probably just look at this photo because it’s my favourite.


Apparently the 'head tilt' is a family trait. It's very cute.

Apparently the ‘head tilt’ is a family trait. It’s very cute.

Thanks all my secret stalkers for your replies to my post the other day. I’ll get around to writing a follow-up sometime… maybe.

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