Seems like the universe really doesn’t want me at a trial (or anywhere, really) this weekend.

First there’s Lu perpetually threatening to come into season…

Then I smashed up my calf on Monday…

And then, the muscle therapist Lu saw on Wednesday night was all concerned about the muscle inside her thigh but because she’s had a stroke and has a limited vocab I could only get so much information out of her except that I should call her back today if I noticed anything… and I decided just to give her a little play in the backyard tonight and as I’m wrapping up, I notice in what little light was left that every now and then she was holding that leg up off the ground. Maybe it was my eyes, maybe it was me being paranoid, I don’t know. She didn’t seem to mind me massaging that area, but  she’s booked back in for Monday night anyway.


Who knows, maybe there’ll be a dog fight or an accident on the freeway or something, or maybe there would have been if I’d gone, or maybe the universe just wants to dump a whole lot more shit on me because, hey, it’s been 5 months since Lu’s surgery so why not? Might as well have to take another month out of doing stuff for one reason or another.


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