skinny little thing

For the past few weeks I’ve notice that Lu has just gotten slim. Not in a ‘no condition on her’ kind of way, just tight and lean. And no matter how much I seem to feed her, she’s not putting weight on, so I guess she’s quite happy to be a little rake at the moment. I wouldn’t say she’s skeletal – you can feel her ribs very easily, and the rise of her hip bones, but they’re not boney, if that makes sense. Maybe a picture would help.


Top view

Top view

I don’t know if you can kind of get a good sense of her size there given she’s still hairy (despite 80% of her hair having fallen out by now), but she definitely has more ‘shape’ than normal.

So I was walking her along the other day, attached to my Urban Skijoring belt, as she dragged me up a hill, and I was trying to figure out why she was suddenly looking why she was.

And then I realised that maybe it was all the urban skijoring that was doing it. After all, for at least 30 mins every day she was having to haul me through tracks, and since my calf is injured I can’t really go up hills so she’s been pulling me up, and I live in a very hilly area, and whenever she feels like chasing something she goes mad, and so it’s like the ultimate resistance/weights exercise… for dogs! It’s like… a weight pack that she can actually tolerate!

So, hurrah for urban ski…walkjoring! I thought in fact that because she wasn’t off-lead any more (or hardly ever, anyway) and therefore not running/trotting as often, that she would actually loose condition, but I think it may be the opposite. Maybe this ‘on lead for walks’ thing won’t be so bad for her after all!!

A side-view that I took to show her lack of coat, however it shows neither lack of coat, nor skinniness.

A side-view that I took to show her lack of coat, however it shows neither lack of coat, nor skinniness.

4 thoughts on “skinny little thing

  1. Penny says:

    I think you are onto something with the skijoring… Cos Pan has built muscle recently that I can’t explain!

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