turn and turn and turn

So, you might not have realised this yet, but one of my most favourite things ever is to make some awesome action plan…


…and then completely disregard it.

Yep. I love doing this. I don’t know what it is about me. I love that a plan gets my head all sorted and making me feel better… but by the time it comes to implementing the plan, I have other ideas that I’d rather try out that might get me to the result better/faster than if I followed my plan. Probably something to do with an INTJ personality but I’m not sure.

Anyway. I slightly altered my dogwalk plan. In training I:

Started her with an exit to a bar, straight ahead of the DW, with no other discriminations or options available. She was driving to her food pouch toy which she loves (now, thanks Polona!) which I thought would give me sub-par results. But from the get-go, she surprised me. If anything, she was running better today than the last 3 sessions of trying to train turns.

Then, each successful try I’d angle the bar slightly. We didn’t get to 90 degrees. This was the hardest I went:

The bar is set up to the right as well, which was the side she's been having issues with more than pulling left.

The bar is set up to the right as well, which was the side she’s been having issues with more than pulling left.


Anyway, watching the video showed that she’s still not running 100% normally in terms of RF separation, but it’s so much better than what it’s been… A woman I have on Facebook who also does RC and OMD handling posted about her dog getting up her confidence in trials doing RC, and I asked her if she found turns hard to train. She said yes- and if she cues too early, her dog gets all worried and leaps. Same as Lu, so she tends to  run past the dogwalk a stride and THEN cue the turn. Which give she’s like me and wants to be giving information as early as possible she doesn’t like doing, but it means the dog is happy and confident to run down without getting weird. So, I was really glad to hear that, and that it works for someone else… So we’ll do that in trials for now and if I need to flunk a course because there’s a bar 4m from the end of the dogwalk when they’re meant to take a bar at a 90 degree turn instead… well, I’ll take the straight bar, thanks.  Meanwhile I’ll keep training like this and when I can’t trick her into leaping with the poles, I’ll make them into sticks.

Enjoy my video and be astounded by her focus and drive for her static toy. I never thought I’d see the day.


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