little Lokimotor

I put a tunnel in our yard yesterday. It took a lot of discussion with the dogs about where would be the best place for it given there are lots of gardens with rock borders, and where I was thinking of having it only has a narrow path or rocks in the way so it affects how Lu sets her line… So, I moved a couple of rocks, pushed a little plant to the side that was being eaten by slugs anyway, curved it around a bush, and BAM, tunnelyard. Which is very very excellent because it means Lu’s little “mini-sessions” for a bowl of food can now include many more things. For example, this afternoon we did a tok-ketschker-tunnel, lapturn, threadle-arm into tunnel, blind-cross, backside push… All in one little sequence. not bad for a very small space and two bars and a tunnel. Actually, writing that all down, I’m quite pleased with everything I managed to fit in tonight. And Lu was BLITZING. I was tripping over my own feet trying to be in the right places for her.

But this post isn’t meant to be about Lu. It’s about the other L dog. The little Lokimonster.

So he’s helping me set up the tunnel. One end is open, the other is facing the ground. He trundles in and of course, then he’s stuck. He just stands there. I open up the tunnel and he’s all: “Hey, you wrecked my cave. But it’s cool, no probs”. And I’m all like: Ok dude, you’ve only done tunnels twice but you’re looking keen so maybe I’ll get a ball and some food and see what you think.

Seriously, he’s done tunnels twice – straight ones, chasing a ball. That’s it.

And with no trouble at all, I achieved:

Sends from at least 3-4m back

Threadle-arm into the close end of the tunnel (because I thought why the hell not? If he doesn’t do it, he doesn’t do it… but nah, he can do it)

Cik/toks around a bollard, into the tunnel, out of the tunnel, around the bollard, back into the tunnel…

(that video doesn’t even give you a good idea of what we were doing but it’s very hard to hold an iphone pointing at the right place and cue with your body, too)

He is one way too cool little puppy. Gosh it would be so easy to overdo it with him. You’d just want to play agility all the time because it’s so easy and fun. I’m trying very hard to not do too many cik/caps, or too much of this thing or that thing… but he’s so fun, and so keen, and just wants to do more more more more!

Gah. He’s so cool. What a little dude.

I love my Little Mate.


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