Lu and her… bits.

How could you not want 6-8 of these trundling around your backyard?!

How could you not want 6-8 of these trundling around your backyard?!

So… I’m having to face a fast-approaching reality, and that is what to do with Lu in terms of breeding, or not.

I suspect very strongly that she’s going to come into season again in the next few weeks. Which fricken sucks because she was just in season at the end of January, which means that it was only 4 months ago. Wtf. I’ve had a massive coat drop, lots and lots of little pees today at the park. Yup. Plus she’s been a right royal bitch for the last week or so, so possibly that’s hormonal too.

My original thought, when I got Lu, was that she was going to be this high-drive, awesome performance Aussie, and we’d do really well in agility, and then I’d be able to breed awesome performance Aussies and that could be my thing, and one day I’d have a Lu baby or grandbaby and that would be cool too…

But then… Lu is the way she is. Which is to say…

Points that I don’t like about Lumen:

  • ‘My way or the highway’ mindset/wilfulness – lacks biddability. If she wants to do something, you can get stuffed.
  • Not high drive, at all. Only now becoming more interested in treats and toys.
  • Weird jumping style, not that useful for agility.
  • Body sensitivity issues
  • Some other weird temperament stuff, like just generally not as outgoing or confident as I’d like, some resource guarding issues, etc. High desire to chase/hunt things which doesn’t translate into playing with toys.
  • Coming into season every 4 months means missing out on a lot of trials – that would mean we’d be competing for 3 months, then out for a month. That sucks.


Things I do like about Lu:

  • Gosh she’s gorgeous. I look at her and think she’s the most beautiful dog I’ve ever seen. And I love her body type- she’s athletic and not square like some Aussies.
  • Her personality at home is great – she’s loving and happy and friendly. She’s great with kids and gets all happy and curly with people she meets at the park.
  • She has a killer stride – she’s so fast … when she wants to be!


Was this before I ruined her... or something?

Was this before I ruined her… or something?

… and… that’s it. And so I’m quickly facing up to the reality that maybe she isn’t breeding quality. Why did I want to breed? For high-drive, working, performance Aussies. Is Lu representative of that ideal? No. Would a high-drive male possibly balance that out? Maybe. But then I think about Lu in the hands of someone who isn’t experienced with dogs and feel frightened for them. She’s a handful for me and I’ve been training her! Do I want to deal with possible health problems, complications, and the exhaustion that would come from looking after a litter of puppies? Not necessarily, no!
And even though I don’t normally have a gut feeling about this, my gut is saying to spay her and just be happy with my dogs, and maybe look at another border collie down the line (when Mal goes to the rainbow bridge) and give up this idea of passing on my dog’s lines or whatever.

Or look I could have little red baby puppies like a little red Malmal

Or look I could have little red baby puppies like a little red Malmal

But I just can’t figure out why it’s making me so sad to be accepting this decision.





4 thoughts on “Lu and her… bits.

  1. Penny says:

    well it is sad, dreams and things are emotional things. She is so beautiful and she has so many gorgeous traits. I love her energy and I secretly love her “I’m a fully fledged biatch” side. I like my ladies tough 😉 Goodluck trying to make a decision.

    look at the baby malmal! look at him! so tiny.

  2. Uh Em… so I don’t know if this is going to help at all… I have to admit I’ve been secretly wondering what Ruby & Java babies would be like. I love Ruby’s looks and how passionate he gets about things he wants and how explosive he is and how he loves agility… among other things. And Java is pretty much perfect in my eyes <3… Her character is wonderful, her body is built well, I *love* her jumping style and the girl's wraps take my breath away. Her only faults would be that she can be sensitive to my moods (but Ruby is the exact opposite, so a nice match) and that she has some cosmetic faults – like her ears are funny (which I love, of course) 🙂 But Ruby is very much "correct" in cosmetic aspects so again, not a bad match.
    But those puppies are never gonna happen (though I didn't get Ruby or Java with the intent of breeding them, so my decision was much easier than yours). I don't love it that he's so easy to break (there are some indications that it could run in the family), that his Coefficient of Inbreeding is 19% over 7 generations, that he is such a self-centered dog (really, we have enough of such whippets in Slovenia, we don't need MORE), and that his jumping style is what it is (Lu looks waaaaaay better than him).

    • Em says:

      It’s the self centered dog bit that gets me. I’ve never thought dogs could be self centered but I guess Ruby and Lu show they can be 😉 I don’t know. I don’t think I should breed her. I don’t think she’s ‘good enough’ – if she was perfect in my eyes like Java is for you , I wouldn’t be worrying about it, but she’s not. Maybe one day she’ll love agility and love working and have more drive but gosh it hasn’t been easy getting there.

      • Ha most of the whippets around here are fine examples of selfcenteredness (must be a word, right? 🙂 ), so it’s not a rare trait at all.

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