today I did a thing…


I was getting the dogs out of the house to go for a walk – the screen door was open so Lu and Mal went out before I had my shoes on. I got them to wait on the verandah while I laced up my boots, and then went back in to get Loki. As I come out, Lu trundles off down the steps, then very casually runs out the driveway and out of sight. eg. onto the road. She wasn’t at full ‘hunting speed’ so I think maybe the next door’s cat had been around and she went to go see if she could find it, or she was exacting revenge for me putting her in a harness she particularly hates (but will make her choke less than her other one when she’s angry about the other two dogs being off-lead and her on) so just nicked off to see if she could find something exciting to do.

Anyway, I expressed my displeasure and was fairly growly, and she came trundling back from next door’s front yard looking pretty chuffed with herself, so we marched up to the side gate, opened it up, put her in the backyard, and I took the other two dogs on a walk without her.

Maybe she’ll learn a lesson?
Probably not. But at least I felt better.



2 thoughts on “today I did a thing…

    • Em says:

      She doesn’t like anything at the moment. Except barking at me while I’m eating dinner. God she’s so annoying at the moment. I reckon it’s either a very late last gasp teenage hood possibly brought on by the puppy, or hormones.

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