knowing what we don’t know

So, over at 1st World Dog, they often say that you don’t know what you don’t know.

Well, for our first training this week, I certainly learnt a lot about what we (and Lu) doesn’t know.

Standing out like a giant alert sign?

Turns off the dogwalk.

Oh boy. Last time I practised soft turns they were ok, but I was a very bad trainer tonight and went straight to a fairly hard turn – it was one where she could run straight off the dogwalk, and then had to turn right over a jump that was 90 degrees to the walk. Well… bye bye contacts. Bye bye separation, bye bye front-feet hits.


So I’m trying my very very best not to get worried about our first agility comp on Saturday where we were meant to be putting her RC out there for realz, but it’s obviously a big gaping hole in my training, and I don’t have time between now and then to fix it. And anyway, with the walk being on the hill, and the turn being the opposite way to our normal running direction, I don’t know how much of that is contributing to the really poor performance tonight. In general, I can’t fool her. The only times I’ve had her leaping is with the turn was 90 degrees off the walk. So maybe I just freaked her out tonight and it’ll all be fine on Saturday. Maybe they’ll do what they did last competition and put a table 90 degrees off the walk. That would be exciting!

So I’m staying calm. She can do it, it’ll depend on the exit we get, and hopefully I haven’t blown her mind and made her all weird about the walk. And I just need to know that it’s something I need to work on now. I’m just…. not sure how. I think I do Get That Contact Game from a good starting spot, and gradually change the angle of the end jump. I’ve done that before and it was fine… just tonight I think it was too hard, too soon.


But at least now I know.


2 thoughts on “knowing what we don’t know

  1. Ugghhh. Yep we feel your pain here. There is a serious effort about self control and start line stays going on here before our trial on Sat. Lots of getting revved up… then drop wait…. throw tennis ball or tug toy or something exciting…. mum giving me a serious “don’t move” look… and then the “break” command. There is talk of walking off the course on Sat if I break my start stay…. things are looking serious.

    • Em says:

      I still reckon your mum just needs to consistently go back & reset. Reward is getting to run. I think there’s the same lesson as waking out (breaking = no running) but also showing what the right thing to do is, too (waiting = running!)
      Silvia also sometimes teaches dogs tricks if their stays are really broken, so she teaches them to speak or back up, so while they walk out they’re cuing ‘speak speak etc’ which means they stay in the one place. Think this would be tricky though.

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