Bushwalking with dogs: Narbethong Pine Plantation

This is basically what the whole walk looked like, including Lu being off in the bushes.


So we love taking our dogs bushwalking all around Victoria, but I always find it challenging to find places to take them! So I’ll document our walks here and then if people are searching for places to go, hopefully this will help.

Where: Pine plantation outside Narbethong – along Andersons Creek Road.

Difficulty/fitness required: 3/10 depending on mud-levels.

Hilliness: Pretty much flat.

Leech-factor: Nah

Animal/Wildlife factor: Medium-high: deer!!! Who would have thought there would be deer in a bloody pine plantation.

Interesting bits? Not really. Muddy dirt bike tracks and too-closed, too-dark pine forest.

Map: Yes. Can’t remember what it is right now. Rooftops Toolangi/Black Range map, I think.


So, we love pine forests. I’ll write up a report on walking up near Macedon at some point in the future. I love pine forests because they (generally) make nice, easy, open places for off-trail walking, there’s never any animals in them because Kangaroos don’t eat pine needles and neither do rabbits, sometimes dirt bikes make nice trails for the dogs to run really fast on, and they’re quiet and still. I like them.

The pine forest up at Narbethong? Not so much. We’d seen deer crossing the road up there once before so knew they were around but I figured they were just wandering into a paddock but wouldn’t bother with the forest. Why would they? Do they eat toadstools and pine needles?

Apparently they do. I found one big muddy puddle where you could smell the deer. Lu took off at one point (with Mal as well, so they must have seen something because other wise he doesn’t bother) and took a while to come back, so there was certainly wildlife around. Which maybe isn’t an issue for people reading, but if that doesn’t deter you then the lack of anything nice to look at should. You can’t get through the forest- it’s too dense and there’s too many blackberries. The trail we did last time was just super muddy and looked gross, and I washed the dogs yesterday so we weren’t going there. I found a different trail that seemed disused by dirt bikes so we took that but it was still just a clay trail through dense forest with lots of toadstools I had to stop Loki eating, ending in a bogan-y campsite. Boring.

So, all in all, I’d give this walk a 2/10. I didn’t even bother taking photos. If you want cool pine forests, head towards Macedon. I’ll write up a report about that when I have another minute.




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