round & round & round

Gosh Loki just cracks me up.
I’ve been teaching him cik/cap in a fairly nonchalant kind of way over the last few weeks. Not over-doing it, just shaping it every now and then… Then starting from a step back & sending him forward…
And now this.
His barking just makes me laugh so much. Sometimes he just got so frenzied that he tried to combine going around my legs, coming between my legs, spinning and going to wrap the pole in one move. I guess this is what they call ‘over arousal’?

In the meantime I have that ‘worried-but-don’t-know-why’ feeling again. Is it struggling with threadle arm with Lu? Her wide ciks? The fact that there’s not enough daylight to do decent walks with them? That the cat has a snotty bubbly nose so I have to take another animal to the vet?


4 thoughts on “round & round & round

    • Em says:

      Yeah I’ve been on a bit of a posting rampage lately. Injured calf + being sick will do that to you. 😉
      And yes, Loki is a superfrenzy machine. I tried doing some paw targetting stuff this morning but he was in such frenzy mode that it was a complete disaster. Sometimes I CAN appreciate Lu’s thoughtful and considering way 😉

    • Em says:

      So do I! It’s such a nice change from Miss “I guess I will, but I don’t care very much” Lumen. 😉 His crazy can get a little much when I want calm and specific behaviours but it’s too much fun to care about 😉

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