goals: may update

The other day I went through my goals from a month ago and realised I’d done some of them! So here’s our new goals:


  • Allow calf to heal- give yourself a week off from running. If at all possible. Seriously. 2 weeks would be even better.
  • Continue to watch your eating.
  • Look into an exercise bike on Gumtree – especially if you can get one for cheap and Nic’s going to be away for 2.5 weeks and that’s the amount of time the physio suggested doing rehab on a bike for.



  • Continue proofing weave entries but more especially independence once IN the obstacle.
  • Train one-jump body awareness and obstacle independence using OMD techniques.
  • Dogwalk exits. Find a good starting spot for consistent hits and then try different pulls/pushes etc. Try it into weaves, an almost-90-degree exit onto a table, etc.
  • Get that A-frame behaviour solid.
  • Backside bars and threadle arm – especially into tunnels.
  • Check out that Justine Davenport stuff and get working through the lessons.
  • Do hill-running/sprints.
  • Make time to do strength tricks often.
  • Continue play class. 🙂



  • Play for the sake of playing.
  • Keep working on recalls especially on a long-line around wildlife.
  • Visit big animals like cattle and horses to learn appropriate responses. Visit the dog park for more dog interaction. Continue socialisation in general.
  • Start working on restrains to food, and on ignoring my movement while eating from a target. Do restrains to a thrown toy.
  • Continue to work on puppy tricks (wraps, perch pivot, body awareness, foot targetting, backing up, leg weaves, GO GO!, stays, and recalls in general)
  • Shape him to pick up, mouth and carry a rubber ball to help with his jaw development.
  • Teach a “leave it” (or continue using “uh uh”) for food on the ground.


  • Pat him as required. 😉
  • Feed him more! The vet said he was too skinny because if he gets sick then he won’t have any reserves to give him energy to fight off the infection or whatever. I found this surprising – I wouldn’t say Mal is underweight… he’s lean at the moment, yes, but I’m actually very careful to make sure my guys don’t carry excess weight, especially Mal as he’s getting older… He’s currently 18.? kg which is maybe a kilo less than he should be – they want him to be 20kg… I’m not convinced. (and for reference, at Mal’s skinniest, need to fatten him up, still doing agility stage he was 17.4kg, and at his heaviest, should loose weight, feeling pudgy stage, he was 21kg…. Lu is 18.3kg at the moment)…  but anyway, he won’t complain about more food!!!



  • Look into getting better camera.




3 thoughts on “goals: may update

  1. Your list is a great motivation… Just finished writing a post on contacts after reading a good Cross Bone Agility post and of course another weekend of trialling and seeing what needs work.

    • Em says:

      I just read that article now to see what it was about and I must say, I’m so happy with Lu’s contacts – but of course, you know we do running and not stopped so we don’t have any of those issues. I think probably the last 20 reps of a running dogwalk we’ve done, she’s flown off once. And that time, she had SO much speed compared to what she’d been doing before that I don’t know if she knew how to control herself. 😉 And of course I want a running A-frame too but she’s only been on one 3 times now so I’m not too surprised that she’s still working it out. 😉
      But yes, I definitely find that looking at what you’re doing and what needs work (and for me, writing it down) is super helpful… I’ve found that thinking like this and putting it into a list has been kind of therapeutic… Sometimes with a novice dog there seems like there’s SO MUCH to work on that when you get specific things, it’s nice to feel not so overwhelmed. 😉

      • The running contacts you have videoed and shared are fantastic. I think that is where I would like to be one day but with us at the moment I feel like stopped is a better option.
        Your last sentence makes SO much sense at the moment. Feels like I am on a huge learning curve. It is awesome but I have to keep remembering we are just starting out.
        Have a great day!

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