forward step!

You guys…
This morning, when I stayed home from work because I didn’t want to get more sick but then had to use the opportunity to do some 1-jump training in the backyard anyway because we’re talking about me here, and I can’t just laze around all day, Lu did a neck-twist move for her hollee-roller ball. I see her do this to Loki all the time when they try and play tug and I yell at her because it’s a very strong move designed to break his neck. It’s not some pissy head-shake from side to side, she fully puts her shoulders, neck and head into one thrashing side-to-the-other-side motion… She’s NEVER done it with me and tugging before…

Until this morning!

I was so shocked that she won the toy, of course.

Anyway, this afternoon both the boydogs were outside so I grabbed the same toy for some ‘no strings attached’ play and she was so keen – heaps of head thrashes and growling and putting strength into the game!

I only thought to film it for my play class after already playing with her for a good while (more than 5 mins probably) so she was pretty tired by now but you can still see how much energy she was putting into it… Usually if you see her head shaking or something it’s me doing it to her but not tonight! That movement is all her! One time my back went “CRACK!” as she pulled me in weird and wonderful ways. Thanks, Lu, for your chiropractic help.


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