This Saturday we went to a mock trial fundraising thing where Lu ran a lovely Novice Jumping course even though it was roundy-roundy with not many opportunities to send and move and get in good positions, and then there was an Excellent Agility course (the 2nd level of competition) and I went in it because I wanted to see what she’d do about dogwalks in competitions, and also weaves.

It wasn’t until I was walking the course that I remembered that A-frames were in agility, too. Oh yeah.

Oh, and also, while I’d been wishing for a nice easy exit off the walk, the judge went and put it into weaves from the side. Dogwalk to weaves? Never done that before. Dogwalk to weaves on the side? Yeah, really not done that.

Anyway, I’m pleased to report that although she didn’t manage to nail the weaves the first few times off the DW she did eventually do it. It went like this: attempt 1: beautiful contact, got the entry, was collecting for the next pole- I was SO excited that she’d hit her contact AND got the entry that I went YAYYYY! ANd she said: “Oh good, I can stop what I’m doing now and come party”. Whoops. Did the weaves by themselves then and that was fine. Flew off the A-frame, did it again twice – verbally rewarding those two good ones…

Then did the course again: 1st go: beautiful contact, kind of crashed into the 3rd pole of the weaves as she went around a little wide and I went “YAY!” again. Went back to the tunnel before the walk for 2nd go: beautiful contact, beautiful entry, got around tight enough and as she went through #10 I thought she was on the home stretch so I said “YAY!!!”… came out of the poles then. Went back to tunnel before dogwalk for 3rd attempt: Beautiful contact, got around the poles, kept my damn mouth shut as she was weaving until she came OUT of the poles and THEN said “YAY!!!” A-frame was spectacular but a hit, though I should have probably redone it because she needed an extra stride. I don’t think they’re meant to clear the apex, hit the colour and get off- there’s meant to be something inbetween right?


And in the meantime I’m hobbling along like a fool because my calf went TWANG in the jumping run on the home stretch and I now feel very broken. So I’m giving myself at least a week off from any kind of running, and possibly 2 if I can maybe modify how I do weave training… hey… maybe I can just work on lots of me being static, her driving ahead! So, my dog is finally READY and I am broken. For Christ’s sake.

Anyway… I have video from the runs but because nobody was there to film me I had to put it on a chair so it’s stuck in one spot to catch the weave entries and so you miss the nice side view of the dogwalk and half the course so it’s really a bit useless but here it is anyway.

Given this was Lu’s first time doing her contacts in this kind of environment – weaves, too, I’m so so happy with her. She did fantastically. Loki, after getting out of the car and wandering ‘the trial’ for 30 mins, has crashed out on my lap. It’s way too cute.


3 thoughts on “mock

  1. What a great experience for Lu 🙂 I’m so impressed with her DW + weaves!!! Isn’t it amazing how she just jumped on the high end of the seesaw and wasn’t phased at all? The girl who thought she might fall to her death from a plank on the ground? Excellent 🙂

    • Em says:

      Keep in mind though Andreja that our ‘seesaw’ is hardly a seesaw at all. Have you seen the size of it? It’s pathetic. SHe’s always thought it’s wonderfully fun and could care less about it moving, but yes- that and the dogwalk being able to be run at full speed from the girl who was terrified of the flat plank, it’s pretty amazing. 😀

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