You guys, I’m pretty proud of myself.

Firstly, Lu is well within a no-overtraining-zone right now. Going for walks when it’s still light is winning out big time over training. If I can only train and not walk, I walk. If I can do both, I do.

Tonight we got out of school early because our Principal told us there was no staff meeting because of the ‘impending weather’, and that we ought to get home before the storms etc. Well, I checked out the rain radar and amazingly there were only light scattered showered on the horizon. Jackpot!

Raced home, grabbed the girl, went to our agility place. Walked a quick course, ran it. Made a promise to reward every attempt – if it was a wrong tunnel or something, the reward was kibble, if it was awesome stuff- meat in her tug bag (yuck). Made a promise to not run the same sequence twice – and stuck to it! If she missed the angle of the weave entry, I’d only do the bar preceding the weaves, and then the weaves – not all the stuff that came before it. This might seem like a ‘well duh’ kind of thing for most people, but for me, I’d always find myself needing to do the whole thing properly. Which is stupid. Especially for someone whose dog doesn’t enjoy working for a long time.

We did about 5 sequences with about 11 obstacles or less in each, and included the weaves, dogwalks, wraps and A-frame in some. And I must say, I was super impressed with everything she did tonight. She was very happy working- didn’t wander off on me, was keen for her treats and rewards, worked out her weaves and did them really nicely even when I threw in a front or blind cross at the end… her cik wraps were terrible and her A-frame isn’t a solid behaviour yet (um… this is the 2nd session), but she has some amazing lateral sending skills that I somehow accidentally taught her (and this is great, great to know and test, because so many of our courses require lateral sends if you want to be able to be pointing in the right direction at the right time)… her dogwalk hits were all great (and I would be surprised if they weren’t, to be honest! Not to brag, just she knows how to hit, and how to hit well- can’t run an up-ramp properly, but can hit the contact every time!) although I couldn’t pull her into the other tunnel entrance we haven’t done that before, so I’ll know this now and try and be on the side to push her to the entrance instead, maybe. Or just work on it more. In general she wasn’t reading the off-arm pull to wrong tunnel entrance well tonight, but I’m so not stressed- she was driving to tunnels really nicely.

I didn’t film anything because my brain couldn’t be bothered figuring out where to set up the camera so you’d actually see everything. Maybe next time.

And then, after practising the A-frame a couple of times, that was it. Done. Off we went to the dog park so her and Loki could run around together.

And it was really nice. It was a really nice session. It was so nice to be able to put everything together and not have to avoid this thing or that thing because she can’t do them yet. To be able to look at the whole course and see options because the weaves are there and there’s a possible entry there and a wrap onto the dogwalk…

Look out for the 24th! It’ll be our first agility competition (and jumping, too)… This Saturday is a ‘mock trial’ fun run thing with an Excellent Agility course (level above ours)(which we’ll do, it’ll be great practise), Novice Jumping (our level) and Masters Jumping (top level… I’m going to walk this course and then decide if I want to try it… I don’t want to shut her down by pushing her too hard.)


Gosh it’s nice to be having FUN.


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