run & weave!

So, because my husband is wonderful and amazing, he let me go and train Lu while he continued to get the house ready for sale. Isn’t that cool?
And I’m very glad I did because 2 wonderful things happened:

1) Lu did her beautiful normal ‘back-to-pre-surgery’ dogwalk running, as you’ll see. So, the question is now: how does she know it’s Penny’s dogwalk even when in a completely new location, and/or what is it about running on a downhill slope that makes her style all strange? But, it’s wonderful to know that it’s still there, just for some reason not coming through where we’ve been training. Definitely needing a tour of dogwalks now. It’s funny – I actually think her running here is better than it ever has been… Less overreach of her hindfeet coming off the down-plank, and more rear-feet hits because of it.


2) We got closed weaves!!! And so fast and awesome! I started by just closing 2 of the middle poles… then the next 2 along, and then the last two (since every 2nd closes)… And she did it! And I ran off on her big time as she was going through but she did them all anyway! What a good girl!!! It’s so funny though because up until now she’d been single-stepping consistently… as soon as the poles closed, she’s bouncing them.


So that’s all amazingly exciting because it means that in a month when the next trial that I haven’t entered yet is on, I might be game enough to enter her in agility, too. Speaking of game, there’s also ‘strategic pairs’ on that weekend, too, and Penny and I are going to put both our guys in that together. Oh, it’ll be fun if nothing else.


Sorry about the camera boucing around- we had it sitting on Loki’s crate and he was barking and carrying on, a lot.




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