superamazingbeautiful girlie!

Our first trial…

First run…

First place!


What a little legend! My beautiful girl was happy waiting for her run doing some happy tricks (back up, chomp, jump up on me with front legs) and played the raspberry-face game… I set her up, looked down the line tire-spread-jump-angled-jump, and took a deep breath as I remembered back 4 days ago to when she would run around the tyre in training.

And off she went. I felt our connection all the way through – I handled how I wanted to handle, trying to give her as much information as I could on these big open courses… and she did it! Course time 38 seconds, she got through in 18. Woo hoo girlie!

Next and last run wasn’t so nice- the course had some… weird… bits in it, and I wasn’t as focused as the course before (hey, she’d already exceeded my expectations for the day which was: “if we go out there and she enjoys herself and runs quickly I’ll be happy”, so I slacked off), but I did get to do a Lap turn into a tunnel (first time we’d done it over a bar before the turn, and first time doing it into the tunnel) and a rear cross that didn’t work so well because I was much more ahead of her than I’d planned to be. In the first run I spent a lot of time thinking about where my ‘virtual dog’ would be at any time, but I didn’t do that so well for the 2nd run. I think it showed. The connection just wasn’t there and, well, we didn’t do as well. I felt a bit rushed getting in the ring too which didn’t help. But I’m still happy- her attitute was fantastic. After the run – she actually left the ring and brought me her tug toy treat pouch. What?! It was super adorable- like she knew the routine even though it was only the third time we’ve done it.

She still has a lot to learn about when to take off for jumps sometimes but I think that will come with more experience and exposure to different situations. Now, if I get her weaves happening and visit some dogwalks she’ll be ready for agility too. 🙂

6 thoughts on “superamazingbeautiful girlie!

  1. What an awesome little superstar she is, saving your butt twice in the second run! And of course acing the first run, you guys were so in sync there!!!

    • Em says:

      She did save my butt!
      Australian judges have a habit of putting things on weird angles that aren’t able to be handled any way except rear crosses usually and often turn out ugly like that last run. She is VERY good to have saved my butt, but maybe I could have made it to the spot for a BC instead of a rear-cross (which we don’t like doing, and it shows) because I WAS ahead of her there and then I would have been ahead again for the tyre… It’s funny, because as much as these open courses are ‘easy’, it does make it harder to get in front sometimes!

      • Oh open courses are certainly not easy for me and Ruby! No forward focus = bad news on open courses.
        Yes, I think a BC would be possible there, but you need experience to be able to accurately tell where will you be in relation to Lu when you get to jump X… so great job and it’s all about mileage… for the handler, too 😉

      • Em says:

        I think Lu has awesome forward focus for where she is in her ‘career’ (sounds so weird) but of course she’s still a baby, and yes, we need to learn each other and I need to be able to clearly imagine where she’ll be – I could do that VERY easily on the 1st course but maybe forgot to do it so much on the 2nd. Lots of learning to be done!

  2. Penny says:

    Who gets a first place on their first run??? WHO???? 😉 Major greatness from the both of you. Your ability to trust that girl and get the f*** out of there is so great to watch. Yesterday was a perfect example of all the work of your training and skills have produced. I am so so so happy for you guys.

    I look forward to more of your blind crosses in the future. You two execute them so perfectly.

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