Yesterday, I went to close the weave channel but then I realised it would only be open about 1/2 a cm so i Might as well close it all the way so I did and she worked and worked and then did it! Twice! Except then she couldn’t do it any more and then today she couldn’t do it at all and I had to open the middle poles to more than they were before. Sigh.  So that was exciting, and then disappointing. Not sure what to do about that.

But then we went and did some dogwalk training and that was still not how it was but when we finished she took herself over to the A-frame (which she was too scared to get on last time I took her near it) and she got all 4 feet on, so I had some food and ‘treated and retreated’ up and down until she got over, so then we started running it faster and faster, and then I threw a toy after it and she wasn’t even scared! So now I have to do it again when she’s not tired from so many dogwalks.


Meantime, she has her first competition tomorrow- jumping only, and that could go a lot of ways. I haven’t done much jumping with her lately, really… A few bits and pieces to get on the dogwalk but no ‘jump training’ as such. Oh well. Who cares. It’s only 2 runs. I just hope she enjoys herself and we run fast together. I’d rather go off-course but have a fast and happy dog than a dog who goes around at an ok speed and passes. So that’s my mindset. She had a big day off today apart from trying to weave and we played and did food games, and she’s ready to go.

Today I took Loki to a main street and he walked over some metal grates and saw some busses and played with a toy while a train left the station, and practised stays on a busy street corner even though we never practise stays apart from on a log, and saw some kids on skateboards, and had more of a problem of him just incessantly staring at me while we walked along rather than ‘taking in the world’, than him being worried about anything. I honestly don’t know if he even noticed the train. Oh, maybe he did- his ears moved back to listen.

Also, looks like the photos of the house should be happening next week and then it’ll be up for sale, and hopefully sold, so we can just stop cleaning stuff up all the time and get back to doing dog things in a carefree manner because who needs responsibilities?


Ok, I’ll have videos of tomorrow… tomorrow…


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