nearly nearly nearly…!!!!



I think… I think part of the issue with her not striding out is her fitness. Her sprinting is just sooooo baddddd. I went to the park with all three of them and threw the ball and seriously after 2 goes she’d had enough and bloody Mallei was beating her!!!! That never happens. But this is very ok. This is easy-peasy to fix. Hill running – easy, sprinting at the park for a ball – easy, going to the dog-park and being chased – easy (and good for Loki, too)(not the being chased part, but meeting all the other dogs).

So… with more and more sprinting, and continuing to train consistently (that being the key word here!), I suspect it won’t be long at all until any residual weirdness and short-striding goes away.


14 thoughts on “nearly nearly nearly…!!!!

    • Em says:

      Lu’s been practising on one with that warehouse-metal stuff on it… You know, that’s like cross-hatched for grip. So when she hits rubber it’ll be like gliding on a cloud.

      • Em says:

        Pff, why the hell not? Took you less time to train an A-frame!!!
        Just get Badger to pose for some pictures on the table and he’ll get the idea in no time 😉

  1. I have heard from a friend that your going to trial lumen tomorrow? At KCC park in Skye.
    I am meeting my friend there (which happens to know you on Facebook)
    My mum is busy tomorrow and my dads at work but wanted to know if you where to take me there? Haha this is very weird but I’m sure we know each other enough😂
    Anyways I would also like to watch lumens first trial! And so does (the person that knows you on Facebook) hehe I would tell you where to pick me up (maybe at the school) not sure anyways…
    From Melanie

    Sent from Melanie


    • Em says:

      Hey! Is your friend Emily, too? Or someone else? We are going to the trial, just going 2 jumping runs for her first competition.
      I’m happy to give you a lift there but would feel better if I got to speak to your mum or dad first just to make sure that’s ok? Maybe you can send their phone number thru a FB message? Just know that I’d be planning on getting there just before 8, so would be leaving here/school at 7.15 or so, and would be there all day until I finish my runs. If that’s ok I can make it work but yeah, would feel more comfortable if I talked to one of your parents first- even though you’re not at my school any more! 🙂

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