just some dogs at the park

We met Penny at the local off-lead park yesterday afternoon to give the dogs a run. I left Mallei at home because lots of dogs + us not moving away from them is worrying for him and there’s always plenty of big dogs at the park that he would find scary.

So it was Penny’s three, Lu and Loki, and boy my little pup loves to run. I remember seeing/hearing in Silvia’s Speed/Motivation DVD that some dogs just don’t know HOW to run full-speed because they didn’t get to as puppies. Well, my little guy knows how to run. He just adores blazing after the big dogs as fast as his little legs will carry him. Lu is in big trouble once he gets older and longer legs. Look out, girly, you’re going to have to work on your sprints!


So here’s just some photos of them on a log, because I figure that teaching him a stay by posing him on a log is as good a way as any, right? I’ve actually been very slack with him so far- he doesn’t know how to sit or drop on cue, he can’t get his 4 feet reliably in a shoe-box, he doesn’t have much of an idea of a stay (except sometimes on a log), although he does have an amazing recall (I actually called him off chasing a magpie the other day- MID CHASE. I knew I shouldn’t have tried, but I did, and I’m glad I did. We had a huge party after, it was amazing). But I’m not fussed about all that stuff, really. His focus is fantastic, his recall is great, he has awesome body awareness already and isn’t fearful about things moving under his feet. He’ll give anything a go, and seems to pick up on basic concepts pretty quickly so – eh, whatever. We’ll just play around and if he learns stuff, cool.

It’s funny, here’s something I wrote back in Feb when Lu was 5 months old: “We also ran into a cat today, and getting her to ‘leave it’ or look away AT ALL (even when I stood right in her field of vision) was SO not happening. “

Yet I bet, little Loki? I could say “uh uh” in my warning tone, and he’d snap around to me like: “Yep! Here I am! Food now!?”

Such different dogs already. Maybe he’ll be like that in 2 months time though. Who knows!



Oh, and my dogs love to play. (Mal doesn’t understand the “3’s a crowd’ concept)

5 thoughts on “just some dogs at the park

  1. AWWWWW! can I just say I LOVE Mal?? I always have. I really always have. He’s just adorable and I love how he takes Loki’s entire head into his mouth and just holds him there.

    Our older Aussie Nova was the BEST with Rumble when he was a pup. So gentle and yet FUN and he loves her the most to this day:

    • Em says:

      You can say that you love Mal any time. Mal is a very loveable guy! He so isn’t ‘into’ play – he never has been, but sometimes just seems to get coerced, and then makes a lot of noise and just puts his mouth over other dogs’ heads/noses. 😉
      That was such a cute video. It’s gorgeous when older dogs play with puppies!

  2. Penny says:

    Seeing the Lobster again was excellent. He is such a goer. And Lumen is such a good times girl. Yeah I just called your dog a prostitute 😉 She isn’t really. Pan was being a very good girl with those photos.

    • Em says:

      No she probably is a good times girl.
      Except when she’s trying to break up fights.
      Pan was exceptionally good!!! I was amazed at her patience. She must have been very keen to get out of that hell hole or maybe figured that being on the log with one puppy was better than being on the ground with 15 dogs.

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