Border Collie Times IV

BC times


Yesterday was a big socialisation outing for my little man. He is just such a cool dude. The one thing that amazes me most is his focus. We were on the main street of a town- plenty of cars going past, people, shops, thing happening. And I say: “Hey dude, I have a treat” and he’s like: “Shit, a treat! Want treat! How to get treat?!” And I can ask him to do anything at all and he does it. In fact, he’s almost more of a pain to get rid of once you have his focus! And then I’m like: “Hey dude, your lead is flapping around like an interesting thing!” And he’s like: “Shit! Interesting thing! Must play with interesting thing!” And then he tugs and holds on and has a wonderful time until I tell him it’s enough and he can let go now. For such a little guy who is so into he world and meeting people, his focus just floors me.

Yesterday we:

  • Experienced lots of traffic, including motorbikes
  • Met a crawling baby (he thought this was fantastic and just licked it all over the face endlessly)
  • Wanted to chase seagulls but learnt that food comes if you stop staring at them
  • Played and played
  • Had a swimming lesson on a boat launch ramp (also a fetching lesson!)
  • Met and saw lots of people, prams, a skateboard, kids, old people, men, all that good stuff.
  • Had to wait and wait outside a cafe, but surprisingly he was quite ok once he was on my lap – he settled there and just watched the world.
  • Met a few dogs.
  • Saw some boats


It’s funny, people love him- they think he’s gorgeous. To me he’s just the most plain of BCs – a black and white dude with a normal stripe and a pointy weird face, but people just think he’s the bomb. Maybe cos he’s so “classic” and oh so fluffy… Oh! And we have lift-off on the ears. They’re very nearly up!


Ears AHOY!

Ears AHOY!


Further to my 2nd last post about finding somewhere to train- I have, and I can come and go whenever, though it’s not that flat, there’s a section I think will work fine for the DW and the jumps and stuff might just be on a bit of a hill. But it’s only 4 months (wow, we need to get our house sold, and fast) until we move… 4 long months of restricting the dog’s outside time together because of the rocks and steps… 4 months of training in the dark… 4 months of being ‘in limbo’… I think it’s time to move my weaves there as well. I LOVE having them out back – I’ve got about 5 different spots I can start her from now, which gives me about 10 angles if I wrap her one way or the other, but every time I go to bring the widths in, they seem to be back to 7 or 8cm instead of the 5 I was sure I’d set it at. I think because our yard is sort of lumpy and slopy and I haven’t pegged the base down because our suburb is made of rocks, the base isn’t sitting flat, so as she goes through again and again, she’s wiggling them wider. So I’ll do a session tomorrow with them narrowed and see if they end up wider by the end. I’ll try pegging them after Good Friday too (I’ll get short pegs so hopefully run into less rocks) so that might stabilise them a bit, and maybe draw marks on them with whiteout or something. All that being said, there’s only going to be a few more sessions before I want to move them anyway so I can do even more entrances with more speed. Maybe I just need to bite the bullet.


One thought on “Border Collie Times IV

  1. Of course, I’m a dyed-in-the-wool Aussie fan, I love me an Aussie puppy, but I think Loki is super cute. And he’s got a “look” in his eyes. Ya know? At least he does in his pictures. Maybe that’s what’s attracting a crowd? I would smooch his face if I saw him, for sure.

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