limbo & blah

I have this unsettled feeling again. It pisses me off. I know why, it’s because I was planning to get in a really good week of running DW training and then I found out the fences were being fixed (and I’m just so frustrated with it all because she was doing so well, and now she’s not, and I can’t train whenever I need to. And that’s the situation just now, but it’s shitting me. I don’t think I can strap the DW to the roof of the Skoda every day so I can go train, but maybe I should go get it and do that at least this week because it’s killing me to have a plan of how to get her DW back and not be able to do anything about it.

I’ve contacted someone who messaged me back before I got the field saying their place would be suitable so maybe it still will be and maybe I’ll be able to come and go as I please until September when I’ll have my own place and can do whatever the hell I want.


Today I did some OMD-type jump training. I started off with a very low bar and had my hand low and just wanted to shape her to hop over and back again but of course it’s Lu so she was doing side legs on it, and one time she jumped her front feet over the bar then balanced her back feet ON the bar, but then she finally got the idea and could hop back and forth and get rewarded low, and then I put the bar up until she was hopping over it from a stand-still either way. I think this will be good. I think she’ll learn to not fear being close to, and taking off close to the bar, I think she’ll have more confidence in using her body to get over a bar even if she’s close. I need to re-read my notes on what else to do with this. And then we did some proofing. I sent her over a jump to a target plate with food and pretended to fall over a lot, and waved my arms at her, and then we did the same with some wraps and she didn’t knock a bar once, and only one jump looked bigger than it should have. Good girl. We also did lots of weaves today. I’m at a point now where I’m about out of reasonable entries I can do in my limited space. Yes, another reason to need somewhere to train whenever I want. Gosh Loki’s going to have a charmed little training life isn’t he? He’ll be 8 months old by the time we get to our new place- time to start running on carpet, running through a channel, doing cik/cap on the flat and tunnel games… all whenever we want to. Lucky pup.


7 thoughts on “limbo & blah

  1. Remember what Noora said about not over training :o)
    The jump stuff is the Mecklenberg stuff. Here is a summary of it that I did at the start of the year ( which shows some alternatives. We were (are still) doing it for rear end strength but with the target it also has the benefit of obstacle focus.SO need to work on this for “1 Bar Bodhi” or “Cyclone Bodhi” depending on how many bars we take down. Beautiful Gamblers on Sunday where we got a heap of points, great line for the gamble…. EXCEPT took down the 1st bar in the gamble… ahhhhhh!!!!!!

    • Em says:

      I can’t over train, I don’t have enough stuff or space. 😉 I’m more at risk for training for too long than too often. That’s my downfall.
      There’s elements of the Mecklenberg stuff I like, and elements I don’t like so much- but I guess that’s the way of any method. 🙂 The target tonight was fun though- fun to proof the jump and see that even if I was doing weird stuff she still went ahead and took the bar. The only one I managed to weird her out on (which was a big jump but not a knocked bar) was when I ‘fell over’ just as she was taking off.
      Damn! Shame about the gamblers bar!! I’d like to use gamblers as a way to proof/practise weaves and a DW in a trial environment without caring about the outcome (and being able to at least verbally reward them)…. but she should probably be able to do both those obstacles first. 😉

    • Em says:

      Damn! Shame about the gamblers bar!! I’d like to use gamblers as a way to proof/practise weaves and a DW in a trial environment without caring about the outcome (and being able to at least verbally reward them)…. but she should probably be able to do both those obstacles first. 😉

  2. It’s funny you post about jumping issues.
    Last night, in the yard when Rumble was just messing around, he took a 26 inch! (that’s 66 cm for you folks) jump — he normally would jump 50 cm — while carrying a ball the size of a soccer ball (but heavier) that is called a Jolly Ball. Like this, but no rope:

    And I was AMAZED he didn’t even knock the bar!?? Maybe carrying weights over a jump will be MY new method and I will charge big $$ for people to learn this amazing secret!

    • Em says:

      Hahaha, that’s impressive!
      Gosh I could see Lu and Rumble being friends- she fricken loves Penny’s jolly ball. I’ve never seen her interact with a toy (by herself, mind you) with so much fierceness! She’s hilarious- she barks at it, then chomps it and shakes it around. Jaws of steel.
      Well, carrying weights over a jump would certainly improve their strength, and balance, and understanding of their place in the space of the jump, right?! You can make it sound really wanky and charge more money 😉

      • Exactly!! and I could create a custom set of “doggy weights” for jump training and charge HUGE amounts of money for it and retire in the Bahamas!! I can NOT wait!!

        and yes, I’m SURE Lu and Rums would be the bestest buddies in the universe. They’re very much alike and they LOOK alike and people would think they were seeing doubles. 🙂

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