light + tunnel?

I moved the DW today – it was on a slight slope before which I suspect was making her come off the side, or need to run differently to not come off the side. You’ll see it on the video- very short strides. So I dragged it around by myself and set it up so now it’s going up/down the hill instead of across the hill. The angle was so slight it seems silly but I guess when you’re sprinting it makes all the difference. The last run on this video is the most normal I’ve seen her run for a long time so hopefully she’s not far off being ‘back to normal’. That being said I still have a heap of work to do visiting different dogwalks since she piked out on this one at first after I’d moved it because it was different. So I certainly still need to do a tour of dogwalks before I can enter her in an agility comp (and we need weaves before then, too)(oh, and an A-frame, which may prove difficult because I certainly need one I can lower). I also need to do some more sprinting fitness stuff with her because she’s puffing hard after just 4 DWs, which really isn’t enough to get much ‘work’ done, so hill running and restrained/stay recalls and stuff here we come. I understand though- I do little sprints with them and manage to pull muscles. We’re both too unfit. At least she chases things in the bush- that should count for something.



Also, I think I jinxed the Lokidog. Talking about how I really fell in love with Lu after her surgery, and thinking maybe it takes an emergency situation to really get that bond and he goes and hurts himself this afternoon somehow, and it’s a fully mystery injury in his leg- I can manipulate it pretty much any way and he’s fine, until I pick him up and squeeze him a little (so pulling his front legs together), and then he squeaks. My poor little guy. He was very happy laying on my lap this afternoon which was lovely, but so weird. I hope he’s ok and back to himself tomorrow. As much as I love cuddly-sweet-calm Loki, it’s just weird!

5 thoughts on “light + tunnel?

    • Em says:

      Thanks for saying that Andreja – she always has lovely hits but her running along the rest of the dogwalk is very strange. Last Saturday she took 2-3 very slow strides on the up ramp like she was afraid of it or the apex 😦 hoping that goes away with some back chaining.

      • Em says:

        I’m hoping so. Does back chaining like that sound like a good idea to you? I’m thinking it’s either that or keep the height lower for some more sessions but I don’t really think that will help- there’s only a 40 then 20cm difference between when she was last really running over it (40cm lower) to now on full height…

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