Interesting developments in ears at the moment.

Loki’s breeder was concerned that his ears were going to be Aussie Shepherd ears and flop down, or at the least, wouldn’t stand up. I didn’t necessarily mind either way so I haven’t bothered gluing them or anything… Both parents were fully standing-upright ears so there was a fair chance he’d get there, too.

Anyway, recently he’s begun carrying his ears like a ‘real border collie’ – standing upright with the little tips folding down. Way too cute. But then of course we get all variations- one up, one down, crazy half-up-sideways manoeuvres… This morning they looked very nice so I decided to get photos but by the time I got to getting the photos they’d changed again. They’re still fairly cute, though.

The woman who is going to be house-sitting while we’re in Sydney next week came to visit yesterday. The cat (Darcy) who doesn’t like anybody and never comes out to visit was rubbing himself all over her, so that’s a pretty good sign, and Loki played with her 2 Aussies, and she said she was going to take him to the big markets in the city, and to her work at an Aged care home, and to her work with the Firefighting service. She’s socialised a litter of puppies before so I think he’ll be ok, and he’s been so remarkably brave about everything that I don’t think there’s much that will worry him. Lu will be going to Penny’s for a holiday with her friends, so that’ll also be very awesome, and Mal will just stay here being sad about being here.


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