is this what ‘fun’ means?!

Penny and I had a joke today that we couldn’t understand what a ‘fun’ day was, because the concept of ‘fun’ is difficult for us to grasp.

But then Lu went and pulled out this run and Penny did an awesome job with Badger and we were both smiling and it was wonderful. Look at my little girl go! No big weird leaps, a saved bar at the 2nd last that she was about to miss because I probably wasn’t indicating it well enough, beautiful drive into the tunnel (even if it was the wrong side), and one random bar down (not sure why, spacing might have been tight there). What a good little girl. All in 14.06 seconds! Not bad for an unmotivated dog. 😉 And she was super happy at the end, and we played tug with her tug-treat pouch and she enjoyed that a lot and kept wanting to play more later on.

Yay the Lumen! 🙂



Also, hey, so we sent in the contracts all signed for this house. I should have my actual, own, real-live, flat, big, grassy training area by the beginning of September. Just when I’ll wanting to be starting RC with the Lokster. (that looks like Lobster, which is pretty funny). How awesome is that?! I have so many plans. Lights! Hiring out my paddock to people for money! Little classes! Workshops! Filming and direct feedback! Weekend training sessions with friends! Bigger classes!? Puppy tricks classes! Oh it will be so good, and think of how good it’ll be for Lu! There’s a normal ‘dog paddock’ which is the bright green area just outside the house in those photos, and then there’s a completely separate area for all my gear, so we can really go into ‘work mode’ once we go through the gate, and I can have a hose there for fun hose-time jackpots, and I can have a BIG BIG channel for little Loki and a normal weaves for Lu and I’m getting a seesaw tomorrow from a friend and one day maybe I’ll get an A-frame and if I do classes and stuff I can make more wings and maybe have actual real jumps made of metal and stuff. Wheeeeeeeeee.


Oh, AND…! Despite the excitement of the fun day and then a 2 hour beach romp, Lu did some awesome weaves this afternoon, closed to 6cm at the back of the pole… thing… meaning probably 5cm from the centre of the pole to the line? She did SO awesome, we were doing the most amazing soft entry from the left-hand side, and I could totally not be helping her at all and she was still getting in, even with good speed, too. Mega impressed. Must get video! Will try soon.


AND AND! I took Loki out when the agility was running and we ran around together and played with toys and he did tricks for food and he was SO focused and so keen – I was worried because he’s so friendly and just loves meeting people and dogs that he would be more keen to do that than stick with me and play, but once we were ‘on’, he was absolutely focused, even with dogs barking (which he worries about) and dogs running agility (very exciting). It was awesome.


8 thoughts on “is this what ‘fun’ means?!

  1. Penny says:

    Hahahah, I almost wrote exactly the same starting paragraph for my blog! Instead I drew pictures.

    Lobster!!!!!!!! YES

    Lumen did seriously great today and so did the Lobster. Great day all round. Plus this house news is most excellent.

    • Em says:

      Ahahaha, that’s too funny about writing the same thing. I find it so amazing that our brains work the same way. Sometimes I want to say things about how ‘we’ think, or how ‘we’ feel or act or whatever and then I wonder if I’m completely off the mark and it’s just me. 😉
      Going to check out your pictures now.
      It was a fantastic day!

      • Penny says:

        It was tooo weird today when you said “so this is what fun is??” Too too funny. It’s like your brain was made at the same factory as mine.

      • Em says:

        Well I realized I was standing there thinking: well that was really fun! And it was a surprise!
        But yes we definitely seem to have the same brain quite often. It’s very bizarre but also extremely cool. I know we’ve talked about our brain sameness a lot but I can’t get over it.

  2. Do you know how little 14s is??? I had to watch it five times to get my money’s worth. FIVE TIMES!
    I’m really happy that Lu proved you wrong 🙂
    And so so awesome that you and Penny had such a fun time and that Little Lobster was focused and got to play near agility. 🙂

    • Em says:

      There was only like, 13 obstacles though! The course time was 30 seconds, so just under half of that isn’t bad. 🙂 I’m happy she proved me wrong, too! Now if we can get those weaves closed up and find ourselves an A-frame to play with, I’ll be ready to enter agility as well!
      I’ve started something with Lobster, haven’t I? 😉

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