slow running

Oh, Lumen.

After an absolutely smashing, fantastic, blitzing RC session the other day, I went back this afternoon to have another go with the DW at 1 meter high….

And I got…

Oh, so lacklustre. I don’t think it was confidence- she tired quickly and was puffing. It was fairly muggy (which she hates) and I left her and Mallei outside today with a bone each so there’s a good chance the two of them were fence running all day and barking at the next door dog. But still, it’s so frustrating. Every time she gets tired or weird I get all paranoid that her ulcers are back… hopefully it’s just fatigue. I’ll take her to school with my on Friday and she can sleep all day and we’ll try again then.


In other news, the house I mentioned a while ago – this one – is back up for sale, and we can have it for the price we were negotiating, except only now there’s another house, 20-30 mins closer to my work, less work to be done on the house, but the house just doesn’t “feel” like home… So I don’t know- one is more convenient to where I work now, the other is more convenient to a lot of dog related things and a few friends’ houses (30 mins less to Penny’s house!)… one is in a familiar area, one isn’t… one had a more ‘homely’ feel, and other didn’t… one of them could easily have a large undercover training area built in future… the other couldn’t. 😉 I think we’re both leaning toward the first one – I’m just not particularly looking forward to the commute and/or it means changing schools for next year, and I like my school.


Gosh it’d be nice to just be able to have everything in the yard though. To pick the days when she’s excited to train and to let her sleep when she’s tired. To be able to do little sprints with Loki and not run out of room. He’d be about 8 months old by the time we got in there. How scary is that!



I almost forgot! We did some more kangaroo training this morning but there were hardly any (I think I was there a bit too early, they seem to come out when I need to be going home so I’m not late) but it’s just beautiful being there at dawn, with clouds hanging in the valley.


3 thoughts on “slow running

  1. Penny says:

    Zomg! So they certainly put the house back on the market? But wow that Mt Evelyn house is gorgeous isn’t it? How flat is that backyard? It look as though the bottom part is very flat. Ahhhh!! Glad there are some opportunities though. Better than nothing you like at all.

    Well done getting the Kangaroo shots! Lumen, stop being a nanga!

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