endorphin inducing

I set up my dogwalk – 800mm high. I put Lu in a sit and led out. ‘Walk on!’ And I ran, then yelling tunnel tunnel! To help her drive forward. A little wonky the first go but it was all gold after the ‘test run’. Oh so fast, low and sleek running, and gorgeous deep hits. THIS is where I feel our joy. And she felt it too- smashing into the tunnel after the walk, racing back to play with her soccer ball jackpot, eyes bright and intense. I put the height up to 1m and we did 2 more runs. I noticed a drop in speed here but she was already puffing & the extra angle would slow her down. I wasn’t watching her closely as she ran so I can’t say for sure if she was confident or not but all things going well I might be back to full height by the weekend.
Gosh I love running contacts. Silvia’s ‘Running contacts to make you smile’ is so appropriately named!
I’m thinking of entering a trial at the end of April. I was just going to do jumping as I doubt her weaves will be ready and we haven’t tackled an aframe yet BUT, they also have gamblers and I thought maybe that would be a perfect way to practice 2 dogwalks in a real trial when I really don’t care about the outcome of the run. If her weaves are closed by then we could do them too but we wouldn’t have to!

So I feel very happy and smiley tonight. My girl was just running beautifully. Great commitment and distance to curved tunnels and getting her confidence back on dogwalks. Yay!!! Happy times ++.


3 thoughts on “endorphin inducing

  1. So do you think this was due to a break in activity? A “rest” so to speak? ? or maybe puppy induced?
    I got sort of a 1/2 speed practice in on Saturday, but when I watched the video, I can see it was ME! and not him. Which made me super mad at myself. Sigh…

    YAY for full speed practice!

    • Em says:

      It could well be. Either you or Andreja suggested she’d be a dog who would do well with limited training throughout the week and I agree, but then of course it’s very hard to make progress. Luckily she loves her running dogwalk so that’s easy enough to train a bit more regularly, and I think she’s beginning to enjoy the weaves more and more.
      Also possibly puppy induced. I’ve been noticing lots more ‘attention seeking’ behaviours (not necessarily in a bad way, just looking for more love, bringing me more toys, trying to play really well) so it could be a “YAY FINALLY IT’S MY TURN!” kind of deal, too.

      What did you notice you were doing to get a 1/2 speed practise?

  2. When I was out there actually doing it… I didn’t notice so much. It was that evening while watching the video I’m all “whoa… slow, there, there, there… and not enough rewards” It was very clear in the video.

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