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11 thoughts on “tricks & play

    • Em says:

      Ok less shaking! I was watching him and Lu and it was much more forceful shakes than mine but of course she doesn’t know any better either πŸ˜‰
      The breeder just sent an email saying to not let them play together for 8 months….! Umm, wow.

      • Oh wow people sure have very different opinions on how to raise Loki πŸ™‚ Was that advice specifically for him in relation to what you have been writing on the blog or in general (i.e. all BCs should be kept from playing with their siblings until 10 months old)?

      • Em says:

        In general. She actually said that cos BCs get a bit ‘OCD’ at 7-11 months, she doesn’t let her dogs run around together until halfway through their 2nd year of life.
        That would make going hiking and adventuring… interesting… πŸ˜‰

      • Do you mean OCD as in bone fractures or OCD as obsessive compulsive disorder? I assume you meant the former and in that case I understand the need for caution because the occurrence of OCD is linked to dog’s activity level (and genetic predisposition, of course). All the people I know let their BCs run with other dogs from their household, though. And they’re very careful to socialize them to as many (friendly, calm) dogs as possible as BCs tend to be less than dog friendly when they grow up.

      • Em says:

        Actually yes you’re quite right, she meant as in bone fractures. I think it’s probably a good idea to restrict tearing around a small backyard where they can crash into things, but running together at the park or on the beach is surely ok and if you follow Silvia’s ideas it’s better for them to run and explore and do all that stuff to be stronger and healthier than to not do anything. I understand there’s different levels of that, and repetitive jumping, running on concrete, crashing into trees, etc, and I definitely agree about needing to socialise them as much as possible – hopefully he follow’s Lu’s example on that matter, I’ve never met a dog who just thinks every dog is going to be friendly and wonderful, and just greets every dog beautifully with perfect dog manners.

      • I don’t know nearly enough to say what is appropriate activity level for a BC pup. I do know of a litter here in which every single pup had to undergo an operation due to OCD, so I’m pretty sure it also depends on who the parents are.

  1. I have a few friends here who have been dealing with the OCD issue. In each case, the restriction in level of activity didn’t help the dog NOT develop it. Meaning, two kept the dogs very quiet, they still got it. Two let the dogs “be puppies” and they got it too. If he’s got it in his lines, you’ll need to check for it. And that tell-tale limp is what you’ll watch for. I sure hope he’ll be totally fine. Keeping any dog away from, and not allowing play with, other dogs is a sure-fire way to have a crap socialized dog. And no body wants that…

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