a little bit of Loki love…

***warning, warning, cuteness ahead, cuteness ahead, do not proceed if you are allergic and/or intolerant to extreme cuteness***


Today we: went to a market, went on a little bushwalk in a not-supposed-to-be-dogs-allowed forest, bought Loki two kids t-shirts so he could wear them and get used to having things on, and did two sessions of ‘Puppy Exploring Time’ (at my school, I teach Prep-1 kids, so kids in their 1st and 2nd year of school, and every morning we do a play-based program called Exploring Time. I realised that what I’ve set up for Loki in order to continue to ‘clicker train’ him in a very informal fun, exploratory way, is basically Exploring Time for puppies), then ran around and took lots and lots of photos. Obviously, he was very concerned about his shirt and it impeded his movement (not). He’s such a little champ, I’m really having an awesome time with him, and he and Lu are getting along fantastically now – LOTS of Lumen playtime.


3 thoughts on “a little bit of Loki love…

    • Penny says:

      Loki is really cartoony isn’t he??! You put it into words Rosie.

      Those arms in the sweatshirt thing are so so so so funny! Awesome pics. I very love the Loki

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