small victories!

So, my little puppy is GO GO GO GO GO all the time. This energiser puppy doesn’t stop. Even if he’s super tired, he doesn’t stop.

But, I realised that if I put him in his crate, he’s actually settling down and going to sleep really really nicely. Sometimes has a little whine but then crashes out.

I’ve been putting him in the ensuite during the day, but yesterday he cried about that a lot… So I decided I’d try something a bit new. We’d done all our morning stuff- gone for a little bush walk, done some training, watched the big dogs run around from within a fabric bag, run around with the Big Dogs in the yard…

I brought him in, and put him in his crate inside the bathroom. My plan was to get my breakfast and sit down and eat sitting next to him, but by the time I got my breakfast and came back in he was happily and quietly sucking tiredly on his toy. So I went about my business getting ready for work, and when I was ready to go, I very quietly started opening the crate door. He woke up and sat up, so I froze with the door closed… Heaving a sigh, he lay back down. I opened the door and crept out.

Having forgotten my necklace, I went back, and peeked my head in. This is what I saw:

So sleepy.

So sleepy – he hasn’t even noticed Mia sniffing around!!


It’s so hard to remember that he IS tired. He could literally go for hours without a break, until I actually make him stop by crating him- then he absolutely crashes. I think I remember Lu being similar, but he’s even more… intense? about it. I guess that’ll come in handy!! But my plan worked! Crate time = off-switch, then he was settled and sleepy by the time I left him in there.


So my most immediate tasks with this little guy are:

toilet training (obviously)

not biting legs/shoes when people are walking (oh boy)

and not chasing cats (this one is terrifying. he’s already decided that cats are VERY VERY VERY exciting, and when they were wandering around outside his pen this morning he was screaming at them.)


8 thoughts on “small victories!

  1. iffebim says:

    May I offer some advice on the cat training:
    Be prepared to have your patience tested. A lot. Haha…:D
    One of our cats is pretty good with the BC but the other one *hates* him. Still he sometimes cannot help himself and walks right up to her and gives her a fling with his paw. She returns the favor with a bloody scratch on his nose. He KNOWS he should not play with her but it is sooo tempting.
    He also used to hump the one cat (the cat didn’t care…weird cat) but we managed to make that a no-no.
    But yes, BC and cats…it is going to be a journey 😉

    • Em says:

      Oh, I know. Lu has been very interested in the cats for a long time. Unfortunately our cats have been raised from kittens with only Mal, who was raised with a not-so-tolerant cats, so has always been very gentle and respectful of them, and given them a false sense of security, and they’ve never had to scratch him or anything…. so… they never think to scratch Lu, either. One of them likes playing with her when she’s not so rough, and the other one and her just avoid each other… Amazingly, she’s not so inclined to chase them when they run, she just likes knocking Mia over with her nose and doing mini-wrestles…
      Loki, on the other hand, looks like he either wants to play VERY rough, or like he’s going to catch and kill. Neither of which I want. So, lots of on-lead around the house stuff and rewarding for calm behaviour, rewarding for diverting from the cat, rewarding for ignoring a cat who walks past, all that stuff. Just his reaction to the cats this morning was HUGE and a real sign that there’s a LOT of arousal there. It’s certainly going to be a long road. I hope they learn to stand up for themselves!
      Lumen humped our cats when she was in season last. Sigh.

  2. You know, you can’t really judge when they’re only a couple months old, but just to warn you about Border Collies: Jodah still has that “run until he’s forced to stop” thing. I can see him winding himself up, but he doesn’t stop, he just gets busier, until I put him in his crate. Then 2 minutes later he’s crashed out and snoring.

    Congrats on the super-adorable Badger sibling. I’m sure he’ll be awesome.

    Oh, and Jodah herds cats. Obsessively. Border collies, a wild ride, for sure. 🙂

    (I’m “meecie” on LiveJournal, I found you via Penny’s post)

    • Em says:

      Yep I’ve noticed that a lot about Loki already. He will literally just keep going and going and going, but as soon as he’s in his crate he’s dead to the world. I think Lu was like that as a puppy too but has figured out how to settle down. 😉
      We seem to be doing ok with the cats, he’s funny, sometimes he’s perfectly calm with them, and sometimes he wants to rush them, and I can’t seem to see a trigger for when he will and won’t. So he’s getting lots of rewards when he’s choosing the calm option. 😉
      Thanks for dropping by from LJ 😀

  3. Oh he’s going to be a crazy one, watch out! I think soon you’ll be the one writing blog posts titled Be Careful What You Wish For… 😛
    What a good puppy to settle down like that! Only isn’t it contra-productive if cats are able to get to him while you’re away?

    • Em says:

      I think he might be a bit crazy. You might be right about that blog post. 😉
      One of the cats can’t get over the baby gate (yeah, he’s a weird cat) and the other one thinks he’s pretty gross so would have left as soon as he woke up (if not earlier). I like the baby gate better than closing the door on him. He’s not so isolated then and the other dogs can visit him sometimes if they’re inside.

      • It’s nice that he can get company like that 🙂 I would just keep it in mind in case his cat training wouldn’t progress well or would backslide.

      • Em says:

        Yeah it’s a good thought for sure. I doubt my cats would be silly enough to go in there when he’s there but I’ll keep an eye on them 😉

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