the border collie times

Wow, what a big day for a little baby.

First, we had some little clicker training this morning with his sits and drops and a box, then he went in his little room (our ensuite bathroom) where he laid down straight away and fell asleep.

When I came home, nothing had been chewed (bully stick, cow hoof), his kong still had food in it – I honestly don’t know what he did all day. I let him out and he did his business as required and then I packed up some gear and we went on a bit of a socialisation tour.

Things we socialised…with…? today:

  • the vets (booked in for their awesome puppy class for people who don’t need to learn how to teach their dog to sit- Lu did it, basically, I drop him off Wednesday morning next week, and he stays there all day – playing with puppies, getting an examination, and getting a wash and dry. This is why Lu still loves the vet, even after her surgery)
  • outside a supermarket/shopping centre with lots of trolleys and loud car noises
  • a child, a couple of ladies, some young guys, and a paramedic (Oh! One of the ladies was Polish, and she said that in Polish, the word ‘loki’ means ‘curly’ as she pointed to the curly fur on his head. YES!!! Though, according to google translate, curly is actually kędzierzawy, which I don’t think could be pronounced ‘loki’)
  • rain (I’m actually not sure if he would have been in the rain before, it’s been a very dry summer) – we went outside and played in it, and he wiped his head with his paws as if to say: “WHY SO WET?! WHAT?!”
  • power-tools
  • TV noises


Some excellent things happened:

  • at the supermarket, he could play endlessly. The whole world disappeared as soon as my hand or the lead became a toy (I was silly and didn’t bring an actual toy), or, if I had some treats. This is amazingly excellent for such a young baby. Ridiculous focus.
  • although he looked at the power tools when we first turned them on, he was actually really ok, and by the end, didn’t even look up when we were cutting wood.
  • he and Lu played an epic game of keepaway in the shed. Lu had this sheepskin headrest, and then some cardboard, and was genuinely playing with him, not just being mean. It was awesome to see – I can tell they’re going to be good friends and there’s going to be some AWESOME games of keep-away when they can get out in the open and really run. We need to find our perfect home with plenty of running space!
  • he has such amazing body coordination, it absolutely amazes me – for such a young pup, he is incredibly nimble when navigating at high speeds. I’m so impressed. I can’t wait to get him out in the bush and continue developing what he already seems to have.
  • He has been ‘on’ from about 4.30pm until 9pm, with only a couple of tiny naps in between. There’s no end to his energy. He was still alert, quick, and ready to play, play, play, even by the end of the day. Needless to say that right now there is one very asleep puppy in his crate.


Tomorrow, I’m taking Lu down the road to an agility person’s house who is letting us train there sometimes while I don’t have a field and so he can meet her 5 border collies and maybe I’ll get her to feed him for being quiet and calm in the crate while I train. I think that’s ok, right?


4 thoughts on “the border collie times

    • Em says:

      😀 At first, she had something and she took it outside and he grabbed it and she just stood there, stock still, tail still… and I’m like: oh no… I don’t know if she’s actually enjoying this… but then later she looked much more at ease and much happier and like she was enjoying the game. YAYYY.

  1. Yay, Lu is coming around really fast! Ruby was also not happy about Java when she first arrived, but pretty soon she was hanging off his chin fur and he didn’t mind. The downside? She still does it…

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