so far…

so good…ish.

Lu apparently has some resource guarding issues that are rearing their ugly heads now – she’s finding it very difficult to accept that he’s allowed pats and cuddles too, playtime should be for Lu only, and don’t even think about letting him near any food. So, we’re working on that and making sure she’s still getting plenty of love too, and when there’s food around, she gets lots of biscuits for not showing teeth. It will be interesting to see how this settles down over the next week or two, and at worst I guess I just do crated training times so she doesn’t feel the need to protect her food. As long as she doesn’t worry about him with toys, which she was at first. We went to Penny’s today and they shared a toy and in general she was a lot more at ease with having him around. I think she thought we might be leaving him there so it was all going to be ok- she was pretty angry when we got home and he came out of his crate and up to the house. I KNOW they’re going to be awesome friends when he starts playing and chasing her – he’s just too little and unsure. His breeder said that when he was with the litter, he would much prefer to play with her than the other dogs. That works for me.

One toilet accident outside, which occurred literally 2 minutes after coming inside from a half-hour explore of the backyard. Awesome. Two wake-ups during the night for various toilet visits and a very unsettled sleep from him meant a very unsettled sleep for me.

Just before, I opened his crate so he could come out… he trundled out then collapsed in a heap in front of the door and fell asleep. Too cute.

Also, we’ve decided to call him Loki (the dark to Thor’s light, and Lu’s dad is Thor and her name can be a measure of light… See what we’ve done there?!), he’s smart, mischievous…  My brother suggested it the other day but said he was evil and greedy, so I thought no even though I liked it, then Nic’s brother and sister in law suggested it, but said he was smart and mischievous which sounds better than evil and greedy. So, thanks for voting and sorry I chose something completely different. We’ve been calling him Loki all day and it seems to have stuck.

He did so well at Penny’s today- he met the dogs one at a time, and then all together, and explored one part of her yard, then the whole thing, and wasn’t phased or worried by anything much. He’s super coordinated and doesn’t stop. He ran around and played and explored for over an hour with Penny’s dogs at her place and could have kept going but we crated him to go to the beach.

I ordered a sherpa carry bag today so he can come on outings, and we’ll bring a blanket with us so he doesn’t have to go on the ground. When he stops crying every time he goes in the crate, I’ll take him to school a couple of times too.



Remind me at some stage to get some Lu weaving video. We’re down to 7cm. I’ve started jackpotting with the hose like I did with RC. Hopefully this will give me a bit more enthusiasm on entries.


9 thoughts on “so far…

  1. Penny says:

    Loki is so freaking cute and awesome. I think I have puppy envy badly after today. Sad to hear there was drama back at home. After today I really thought perhaps it would all be magically better, oh well. I hope to hear stories about improvement. He was a damn superstar today and O….M….G so much stamina! I couldn’t believe it. A++++ puppy.

    Thanks for showing Javelin’s testicles on your blog for Nic 😉

    • Em says:

      Look, it wasn’t bad at home, really. I wrote most of that last night… She didn’t want him to have this lid that I wanted to use as a frisbee reward for pooping after the car ride, she said NO MY FCKING FRISBEE BITCH and ran off with it, and I got a crocodile toy on the way home for him to suck on (so soft and nice) but she stole that and actually refused to bring it to me so I said: “fine, if it’s going to make you happy” but maybe I should have said, “No, not yours, here’s this other toy instead and I’ll play with you with it so it’ll be even better”, and one time we were in the laundry (where the food bin is) and I think I had some biscuits in my hand and she launched at him there and he squealed. I don’t think she’s actually connecting, just scaring him. So…. this is all very new and weird and I’m not entirely sure of the best way to go about it with her. Apart from letting her know that having him around her food is actually really ok and she gets fed A LOT if he’s around it.

      Yeah crazy stamina. He’s crashed out now, phew.

  2. Penny says:

    Yeah that seems a pretty darn good plan of attack (pun-awesome). Too funny about the frisbee. I suppose you could also put her in another room by herself for rushing him/guarding for 5mins reinforce this is not ok? I don’t know what will work for her. Just random ideas.

    • Em says:

      oh yeah like a timeout. I was reading about what someone else did and they had timeout periods, too. Could be a good idea, because I don’t want to always pander to her and for her to get her way but I don’t want to ‘punish’ her per se… so that might be a good idea. And reward her for making good decisions like moving away or letting him play or whatever.

  3. Congratulations! Just wanted to give you some encouragement. When we first got our puppy I thought he and my dog would never get along and that I would have to keep them in separate rooms forever! Now they are attached at the hip. Keep heart and enjoy!

  4. Right, also Em, remember that it really IS Lu’s job to teach the pup some doggy manners. If she’s not going to… who is? (I’m guessing Mal will be like Razor and just let him do whatever he wants!)
    So good growls, teeth, snaps… all those are teaching puppy to back off when told. If we (humans) stop all those sorts of interactions, puppy doesn’t learn good doggy manners and becomes crap at making friends. So don’t be too hard on her. She’s probably spot on in her signals and he just needs to learn to read them.

    • Em says:

      Oh yeah, I know. But there’s a difference between the unnecessary resource guarding she was showing on his first day, and teaching doggie manners. 🙂
      And yeah Mal is like Raze, he’s just happy being like a grandpa. Although, he does tell Lu off for climbing on him when he’s asleep. 😉

      • GET OFFA MY HEAD!! We get that one a lot!
        Resource guarding does indeed look different. And you will see this sort of “mine, mine, MINE” a lot in the next 6 months I’m guessing. We have this a ton at my house as well (we have FIVE! so lots of experiences). My take is that unless it comes to blows… it should get worked out between them. Dog toys are for “all the dogs” and you can’t really expect Lu to know that new puppy toys aren’t fair game. Especially since “play” and toys have been such a big part of her training.
        When the MINE thing goes too far in our house, we just pick up all the toys/bones and give everyone a time out. Not really fair in human terms, but works well within a pack of crazy hounds.

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