name poll!!!!!!!111!!11!


People. I need your help.

Look, maybe I’ll meet little Black tomorrow and it’ll be all BAM, THIS IS YOUR NAME!!!!

Or maybe it won’t.

So here’s what I’ve been thinking so far:

  • Dexter* (because Lu’s name came from the series Dexter, too…)(Dexter also came to mean ‘auspicious’, which is handy)
  • (Mag)Pie (black & white bird)
  • O/Reo* (black & white biscuit)
  • Nero (black)
  • Renly* (cool name, been in my head all day)
  • Jaxon* (also just cool, also been in my head all day)
  • Tully* (popped into my head when thinking of names, apparently means ‘peaceful’, hmmm…)
  • Tam (meaning ‘twin’, since he looks like the twin of Badger)
  • Broch/Broc* (Badger in Welsh/Irish. Cos I might as well steal Penny’s name but put it in another language)
  • Run (hahaha, imagine a call to hand: “RUN RUN RUN RUN!!!”)(R’un in gaelic meaning ‘Beloved’).
  • Late addition!: “Bustle” (Buzz for short) (Guirmere Hustle Bustle as registered name)

I’ve put an asterix next to the one I particularly like. Just realised that 2 of them are related to the Game of Thrones, too.

I need your vote, people. All you secret readers and followers, vote! You’re only allowed to vote once, so you can’t vote for all the ones I like.

And because you’re so helpful, how about I promise adorable photos tomorrow and on Monday?


15 thoughts on “name poll!!!!!!!111!!11!

      • Em says:

        We weren’t going to bring any of the dogs so we could do some hiking in the blue mountains afterwards and cos we have a wedding on in Mildura the next weekend it all gets a bit tricky but I don’t want to miss a week (and I don’t know who’s going to look after a baby puppy for me…)

      • Em says:

        Someone is house sitting for us and would be happy to, and if Penny isn’t too busy she might take Lu, but I haven’t asked her about being on puppy-watch… 😉

      • She would have to if it is named after hers!

        Breed stuff on Crufts live streaming tonight is taking SO long. Get on with international agility already!!!

      • Em says:

        I’ve never found Crufts to be particularly good when it comes to agility. Maybe I’ve been watching the wrong part or something. I’ll check out that video you posted. 🙂

  1. Penny says:

    I actually really like the name Broc!! Nice work on that one. I like it stand alone as a name but is more funny when you know its meaning.

    How old with Churner be when OMD is on?

    • Em says:

      He would be… 12 weeks old.
      Broc is cool but you sort of sound like a chicken if you say it fast like a come to hand. 😉 “Buk buk buk buk”

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