I might be getting this puppy.

Penny asked on a scale of 1-10 how much ‘might’ we be getting the puppy and I said 9.5, with the .5 being that I’m dreading some of the ‘puppy’ stuff again.
But I think I’m liking BCs more and more. I love their drive and their focus. I love that they won’t ditch their person to go hunt or do more exciting things. I love that contrary to my former beliefs, they can and should just ‘switch off’ when the action stops. I love that they love to work, that working is almost more important to them than playing. I love that they play, that they go go go and don’t quit and you can sigh at them and they don’t take it to heart they just try harder next time cos they have to do it right! I love that I won’t have to work hard to motivate a border, that I might be able to run really fast on an agility course and not feel like I’m ‘rushing’ them over jumps. I love that Lu would have a play friend who might make her do more running just for the sake of it. Whose drive might rub off on her a little bit (maybe?!), who’ll give her more breaks and less pressure, who can take over when it’s hot or she’s not in the mood. The breeder said he’s her pick puppy from this litter, and because he has an underbite, we’d be getting him very cheap. That’s always helpful. And yes, he and Lu will be very close in age to each other. Closer than I would have ideally wanted, but I’m sure between the two of them I’ll be kept busy now for a while, and then the ‘Old fella’ will get older and we’ll see what happens from then.

Now I just need to tell the breeder my decision. I think my decision is yes. Is it yes? This is where I always bail out- that final moment of decision when the easiest decision is to just not make a decision so nothing has to change.

And if I get him, I need a name! Badgertoo isn’t probably appropriate 😉 Skunk is a bit mean and I probably shouldn’t steal Penny’s black-and-white-animal-themed name… I could call him Magpie and just Pie for short (black and white bird, very vicious and swoopy)… Or if I want to keep on Lu’s theme he could be Dexter, hehe. (that one just made Nic laugh)


8 thoughts on “badgertoo?

  1. Penny says:

    The vote is hilarious. And I like the idea of calling your puppy after a serial killer. I didn’t know he had an underbite, perhaps you could call him Chompy.:) Whatever you end up deciding I await the exciting conclusion to ‘Puppy Drama 2014’. Perhaps it will end up like the series ‘Lost’ and just go on and on forever until none of us can remember who the original cast was and I will be reading a blog written by someone called Emily but you will be played by Whoopi Goldburg and Nic will be acted by the guy from Home Improvement and Mal and Lu will have stunt doubles from Inspector Rex.

      • Penny says:

        Yep, she is going to get there and almost be about to put the puppy in the car…. only to be rung by a stranger who says that she is Emily’s real birth mother and that she has a genetic condition where her throat closes over if any of her relatives touch Border Collies.

  2. Amanda says:

    Hahaha Penny you are a crack up! I bit yes for puppy- but then I think all puppies are cool and fun and stuff :). Lol. I also think you will never answer the debate yourself until you try ;-). And as another BC vs Aussie person I know, both breeds have an equally special place in her heart and she loves them both for different reasons. So I say go for it 🙂

  3. What IS IT with these Australian Border Collies and their LARGE AMOUNTS of Chest hair!

    See? This is what a US BC puppy looks like, MUCH LESS FLUFFY!!

    But yeah, bring him home… I’m really excited for you!

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