So I figured I can’t leave you all hanging after all the drama and saga about whether I’d get Tink or not.

In the end I decided it’s not a good time for a baby puppy. My Grandfather is very ill, we’ve been negotiating buying that house I linked to a while ago (and in the end we found out today that they’ve decided not to sell it after all, assholes. So, back to square one of trying to find somewhere to buy where I can train. So frustrating.), the preps this year are just full on and exhausting, Lu is only just getting back into being able to train and I’ve been through a huge amount of stress with Lu’s illness that I think I just need some time to recoup without having to wake up during the night for toiletting and having to find time to train a baby as well as Lu.

So look, in a month it might be ok, but right now, not so much.

I’m still keeping my eye open for rescues. If some kind of young border-whippet comes along maybe that’s still an option. I still don’t think I’m a BC person so I don’t think I’ll go down that route, even if would give me an easy, trainable, driven dog. I’ve got my eye out at one Aussie breeder’s place who generally breeds more for drive and working-type Aussies but she said she doesn’t sell entire dogs to unknown people, and I’d still like to one day maybe get into breeding drivey working Aussies. So, I’ll have to see how I go with that. She won’t be having puppies until August this year or March next year so there’s plenty of time.

And that’s what’s happening.

I have a video to put up of Mal actually being able to learn and perform a new trick (put a big spoon in a big bowl), and also I’ve started teaching Lu to balance on things like the arm of the couch like a kind of 4-in, and then I’ll find more and more narrow things for her to balance on.

I also wanted to write a post about her rehab and strength tricks but not right now. I need to go wallow in my misery. Ha.


2 thoughts on “Tink

  1. Sorry about the house thing too… that really sucks. I understand that people can change their minds, but dude, either sell the house or don’t! Quit squashing people’s dreams!

  2. I’m so sorry to hear about your grandfather… and everything else going wrong. Sometimes things just happen. 😦
    I think it was a good decision regarding Tink. Hang on, it will all sort out!

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