head vs. heart

Bit of a realisation today. Some of my hesitation about Tink comes from feeling like I “should” have a heart moment, eg. feel it in my ‘soul’ that she’s the right dog. I guess that comes back to the intuition issue. But the more I think about it, the more I think that I won’t ever walk in to a litter and point to a puppy and say THAT’S the puppy, that’s the one. I’ll consider the facts every time. It was very good to talk to Penny today because talking to Penny is a lot like talking to myself but less weird and with more thoughtful thoughts. She said that leading up to getting Badger, she wasn’t sure if it was the right decision, and it took her a while to say “yes, it was the right decision”. That’s very reassuring to me because Badger is awesome, and Badger and Penny are awesome together, so this is good.

I can see a lot of positives to getting a pup, I think Tink has a lot of potential, heaps of spunk, heaps of toy drive. Is it just that ‘not knowing’ that’s holding me back? Maybe.

So here’s some photos for your viewing pleasure.


And also I wonder if I feel like I’m ‘giving up’ on Lu… Like, I’m not going to stop training her, that would be silly, but like I’m admitting defeat with her, or something… like, I’ve broken her and now I’m going to move on to break another dog.


That’s a bit of a sad thought. Here’s a puppy video to cheer you up. Tink is the one with the small thin stripe on her face. She’s in the shot most of the time. I haven’t listened to it with sound (too many barking dogs) but Penny obviously says something funny to me there but I don’t know what. Ok I just listened to it with sound, and the ‘too many barking dogs’ was just Lumen in her crate. What a turd. I think she’s going to hate me for getting a puppy. Seriously. She’s going through some bad resource guarding stuff right now, and I’m about to halve her fun-Em-time, too? But when she’s old enough to play and they play wrestly times, that would be fun wouldn’t it?!



(if the video doesn’t work for you straight away that’s because it’s still uploading here but I’m going to bed so it can finish in its own damned time.)


6 thoughts on “head vs. heart

  1. How does ANYONE not just take FOUR puppies home and let them take over your entire life/house/world?
    It’s the cutest thing ever… I wish they’d stay 8-12 weeks old for a year!

  2. iffebim says:

    Hi, secret reader here again, with a questions that I have had in mind since I first read about Tink (who is supercute, btw):
    I am not sure but from what I read Lumen is about 1.5 years. Tink is a little over a month. So about 17 months between dogs is a very short time that you cannot continue with in the future, or you would have like 10 dogs at one point. Then what is the reason for going for an unusually short age gap now? Do you do it because you think Lumen is never going to really like agility? If so, I would not give that up yet. She is so young, and the way you are always reflecting on her, yourself and your training seems very critical, I am sure you as a trainer will just keep getting better and better (I believe being able to be critical with oneself is a huge prerequisite for improving in any given field). If you do not get Tink, but keep on finding ways for Lu, then I think the next puppy would be even better trained. Isn’t that how Silvia got so great, by finding ways for a dog that was not easy and straight-forward (Aiken) and then when she had a good “toolbox” and got her other dogs, they just seemed really easy and she did so well.
    Just some thoughts I had! πŸ™‚

    • Em says:

      Hello secret reader πŸ˜‰ Thanks for the comment! Appreciate your thoughts. Yes, Lu is about 18 months old, so there would be a very short age gap. I’d prefer longer by a bit (although, interestingly, Silvia suggested I get a 2nd dog by the time Lu was about 2, as she thought this would help give her more breaks and help with her motivation, etc. She said she did that with Bu and Bi, but waited longer before getting Le), so that was sort of my plan.
      I suppose the reasons for a short age gap now are: More breaks for Lu with training which could increase her motivation, the ‘jealousy factor’ of having another dog having fun while she’s in a crate or something, a play-mate for Lu who’ll actually play (Mal isn’t so helpful most of the time- he’s 10!), and the fact that this puppy has come along, whose dam I love, and she seems so spunky and cool…
      I don’t think Lu dislikes agility, she just doesn’t love it, and therefore isn’t throwing herself into it… maybe she will, maybe having short sessions would be really, really beneficial for her but I find it really hard to do that right now because we’ll do something and then I’d put her away… and… just stand around… or set up, and be ready to go again! It would be better to do some stuff, put her away, do some stuff with another dog, set up for the next thing, and THEN go again…
      I think I’ve definitely learnt SO MUCH from Lu, and will have a HEAP of stuff for the next dog… it’d also just be nice to have a dog I didn’t have to work so hard to motivate all the time. It’s exhausting.

      • iffebim says:

        Thanks for your reply, I hope I did not offend you, I did in no way mean to imply that you had not learned enough yet. English is not my first language so please attribute anything that comes over as weird or rude to my lack of language abilities, not personal ignorance! πŸ˜€
        It is very interesting that Silvia suggested getting a second dog fast, too, as she is the agility goddess it must be right then πŸ™‚ It totally makes sense what you say about taking turns training. I can also see about having a play partner as I would love to have a play partner for my dog. He only ever plays and runs by himself and with me, I would love to have a second one and get these flat out running races daily that are on Silvia’s DVDs. Well, I am very jelaous you will get this soon! And Tink is really super adorable!

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