backyard training

So as you (probably) know, I have the weaves set up in my backyard. I also have 2 jump wings (with no bar) and two PVC jumps. That’s pretty much all I can fit back there. Yep, we obviously didn’t think I’d get back into agility so hardcore when we bought the place, so we’re searching madly for an appropriate place to buy (problem is you really need about $200k more than we can afford to be able to buy what we need)… because I’ve been spoiled for the last 2 weeks with this stuff in my yard.

Truly, the benefits of being able to train out back for Lumen are huge. I got home just before and she was excited so I grabbed some boiled chicken and a toy and we went out. We played a bit and then I did a few reps of weaves. She’s super keen. Loving her attitude. Then we did a couple of slice practices and she was fast and jumped beautifully. Then we played, and came inside. Done. Lu is puffing but not exhausted.
I can just see in her that she’s more keen and more excited than she ever was at the field. She chases her ball with intensity and drives down the line of weaves. Doing a wrap from a standing start around a wing is still a non-event for her, she’s not into that very much, but I don’t reward slow ones with going on but get her to do some happy tricks and try again. I’m just loving her attitude. It seems like her speed has increased a lot, and her confidence with the jumps, and even her responsiveness to my handling. She’s not just taking any old side of the bar when coming at it from the side, but actually taking direction from me. And I think it’s because I can go out there and work on ONE SPECIFIC THING, and not a whole lot of different things all broken up by breaks, but I can work specifically on slicing and slice handling, or on forced front crosses, or coming in with the off-side hand. And because we only do things a couple of times, she’s getting more keen. And because she’s never overly tired, she’s not getting stressed or having to fret about jumping because she’s still energetic. It’s really awesome. I just can’t wait to have everything set up in my yard. I can do 10 mins of DW training, come inside, upload the video or just eat, or whatever, then do 10 mins of serpentines, watch the video or whatever, have a break, or come back in the afternoon and do some other stuff. I don’t have to try and ‘make it worth my while’ by being out there for an hour.

We’ve found a house to put an offer in on but we’ll have to wait and see if it all works out. Here it is. 

One thought on “backyard training

  1. Hey why am I only seeing this now??? I like that house (and the backyard!). That is my dream, too… to be able to just head out, play a 5 minute training game and get back in. I’m sure Lu will love it!

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