Nailed it!
Is been putting a toy/chicken at the base of the 3rd pole, encouraging her to come around enough and today I decided I’d just do it and see if she’d get around and down the line… And she did! Then we did it again- same angle with a bit more speed.., and she went all the way down the line, ailed the entrance again! Superstar puppy.
And that’s all we did for weaves because I wasn’t meant to be doing agility stuff tonight but I caved a bit. But it was worth it. We had a huge party and she ate tasty chicken and it was cool.
Now to work on getting a bit more distance into that angle (so, starting from further back) and even getting a bit more of an extreme angle and doing the same from the right.
Meanwhile I’ll probably close the middle poles a bit while we work entries and once she’s solid, close the entrance a bit too.


2 thoughts on “weave!

  1. Penny says:

    Nails!! I love Nails!!

    Woohowowowohwhwhwoooo! I had to do a bit of this with the Badger the other day when I closed them up an extra cm. I was glad we had chatted about this a month or so ago… hmm, when you still had the field, and Lumen had no ulcers and Badger didn’t leap off dogwalks… cos I realised straight away it was the same problem. Excellent chickening

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