massive backyard party, slice-style

Omg. You guys. Lu just did the most beautiful slice of one jump.

I’d been doing some Susan Salo ‘set point slice’ grids but they just weren’t working for us, so I got rid of the jump bumps and set her up at a really severe angle, serp-style slicing… Cued her over with my off-arm (Running the dog’s line- thanks Andreja!) and…. she ran around the bar. We did that twice, I did little plays each time cos she’s trying really hard…. then, I made a real, conscious effort to look where I wanted her to takeoff and go…. and she sailed over…

Then we did it again and that jump was even nicer!

And then we did it again AND IT WAS BEAUTIFUL!!! Lu has a lot of trouble with slices – she likes to jump them with 4 legs at once and land with all 4…. this was a gorgeous jump with a beautiful arc and her feet ACTUALLY TUCKED TOGETHER IN FRONT OF HER… head down, sailing over gracefully! And yes, I was naughty and it was actually on full height (I’d been moving it up and down for the set point) so it’s even more impressive because of that.

We ran around yelling and cheering (well, I was yelling, she was just holding onto her soccer ball) then she got to chase the hose water.

Yes yes yes!

Dear Em, just because she’s done it once doesn’t mean she understands or will do it again. Please do not move on to two jumps at this point. Keep doing this for a little while longer. Thanks, Em.

Now she can have a rest. No more agility tonight, y’hear?!

(and we played tunnel games this morning with a curved tunnel and I managed to call it quits before she lost speed and she really really loved it and actually got to RUN.)


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