On Saturday, Nic and I went and visited a friend Amanda’s litter of Aussie puppies.

Their dam is a gorgeous blue merle girl who I just love – she’s petite and light boned, and she has drive and excitement and enthusiastic (can you guess why I like her?), she’s super friendly, too, which I love and which is what I love about Aussies (and miss in Lu, and in Borders, I think!). Amanda told me that 2 days after Tahli had puppies, she heard her training the other dogs in the yard, decided she’d had enough of puppies and was ready to train, thanks very much. Now THAT’S love for the game. I just love how she’s so people-friendly though. Sometimes I’ve talked to Kate’s breeder about things like how Lu will go up to say hello but then turn away before people have a chance to pat her, or that she says hello for 5 seconds before she’s off somewhere else, and her breeder says that’s just an Aussie bitch thing… well… Tahli is an Aussie bitch… and from what I heard, she ADORES people and attention. She also loves to play. I’d love love love to see what I could get out of a Tahli puppy using Silvia’s methods and knowing what I’ve learnt from training Lu.

One of the puppies is a black tri girl called Tink. She’s pretty plain, though she does have one brown leg and one white, which is cute, and she has a ‘go fast’ stripe on her face.

They’re 4 weeks old and this girl is just cool. She’s exploring everything, she was the first to come and say Hi to us when we got outside, she was going in the real dog tunnel… when Amanda puts out new things for them to explore, she’s the first on it, and confident even with stuff moving under her feet. She was on the move when the others were asleep (yeah, like I need another ‘gets into everything’ dog!!) She played tug with me like a fierce little devil and it was so adorable! We’re planning on going back in 2 weeks, just to see, but she seems really cool –  I can see why she’s Amanda’s favourite!

So, look, I don’t know if she’s the pup we’ll get, but it’s certainly thrown a spanner in the works, I suppose.

Here she is, squashing Amanda’s boy Koda. Stolen from the Pawsitive Facebook page.

I forgot to mention – since Lu is so, so in season at the moment (she’s pretty much trying to convince Mal that he can make babies with her, if he wants) she’s decided that the best thing to do is to pee on EVERYTHING. I think I’ve mentioned how she lifts her leg to pee? She peed on all the puppies today. And every other square inch of Amanda’s yard. It was horrible. She’s horrible.


Here’s another photo

Also stolen (with permission 😉 ) from Facebook


5 thoughts on “spanner

  1. Oh I see now what you don’t like about BCs (not that they are all standoffish of course – we have plenty here that will try to convince anyone and everyone to pet them). Whippet cross might be a bad choice in that regard as well. Tink’s mom sounds awesome! Though of course there are no guarantees when it comes to genetics.

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