When Lu first got sick, before we knew what was wrong with her, my friend Kim suggested giving her some Protexin- a probiotic for animals.

I didn’t worry about it for a while because I read some sites which said not to give it to them while on antibiotics but decided to look into it today. Something prompted me to google “probiotics and helicobacter” (which is the spiral-shaped bacteria she has which the antibiotics may or may not have killed off and which cause me to be paranoid now every time she drinks a puddle or eats a bone because bacteria could interact with the helicobacter and make more ulcers) and I found this article, which is an actual journal article, not something someone’s typed up in their bedroom and posted on because you know how if you ever want to find something out, there’s people from one camp (take raw feeding for example) who’ll say it’s either the best, or the worst thing, and yet finding actual research is really difficult.

Well, this article’s abstract seems to suggest that taking probiotics “could present a low-cost, large-scale alternative solution to prevent or decrease H. pylori colonization”. Which is excellent, since the vet said they’ll probably never go away completely, or that they won’t ever know if they have gone away. The article also says: “animal studies demonstrated that probiotic treatment is effective in reducing H. pylori–associated gastric inflammation”. Which is also excellent!! Because that’s what she has!!! So, I went and bought a kilo of this stuff which goes on her food, so not only will it help get all her guts back to normal after being pumped full of medication and antibiotics but it could mean less helicobacter and therefore less chance of stomach ulcers in future. Yay!!!

Anyway, I’m not reading the rest of it because it gets very long and scientific and I like to stop reading before I get to the “… but” because then I don’t have to know that it won’t work.


(Almost) the saddest dog ever, beaten only when forced to wear a cool-coat.

(Almost) the saddest dog ever, beaten only when forced to wear a cool-coat. I think she looks quite skinny and athletic, no? Maybe I should make her wear underpants more often.

In the meantime she’s sulking cos I’ve made her wear underpants because she’s leaking everywhere from her season and, y’know, it’s kind of gross.


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