straya day

Yay, happy patriotic day

This is as patriotic as I'm getting.

This is as patriotic as I’m getting.

Today I delivered my first order of jump wings and happily pocketed the proceeds – thanks very much, seesaw or tire or another online class here I come. They took Nic and I fricken hours though so it’s not like I could just sit back and watch the money roll in.

Then Penny came to our house and we went for an on-lead walk for like, 45 minutes which is the longest Lu has walked in 2 weeks and she was walking by my side by the end and not pulling. Then they ate bones and we listened to the Hottest 100 even though Penny didn’t vote so really she shouldn’t have even been there listening.
And then we played Bananagrams, and then we ate vegan BBQ, and then we invented a game which is now called Speed Penis. I learnt how to spell Tyrannosaurus.

It’s safer not to ask.

And now the dogs are wonderfully tired and it’s wonderful, even though they decided they needed to fight each other over Lumen’s shitty medicinekibble because I asked Mal to do a trick and in Lumen’s mind that was too close to him stealing her candykibble and therefore he had to die, and also she’s hormonal so she’s allowed to be mean. I don’t know if she’s attacking him because she’s more hungry than usual because her food is like 95% corn now, because she’s hormonal, or because the food is 95% corn and therefore is like fricken yellow candy for dogs. But she attacked him the other day for trying to share her kong which was full of kibble even though they’ve shared it a hundred times before… and when all 5 of them had bones outside, she let Mal take hers and eat it. What? Does she love medicinekibble? Is that why I’m getting such awesome intensity and enthusiasm? Do I need medicinekibble in a little container for training agility? Maybe I do.

Anyway, it was very nice to see Penny and all her dogs and for Javelin to not want to make Whizzies with Lumen and for Lumen and Badger to do very calm and restrained play without fast running or rough wrestling.
Also I promised I’d stop looking at PetRescue but I think I said before that that site and are like porn for me so I can’t stop, it’s an addiction, and this dog came up, even though it’s not really a good time (mine is a broken dog) and I shouldn’t be looking. Doesn’t say if she likes toys though.


7 thoughts on “straya day

  1. Penny says:

    Get off the porn sites! 😉

    I had a great time yesterday. I think I might have been the most unpartypants person of all time yesterday but as usual, by the time I left I was in a great mood. You and Nic have special powers. Vegan BBQ’s rule.

    The Lumen picture is so so so so so funny. She really looks like she is being born.

    • Em says:

      Can’t…! Must… Look… At….houses…and/or…dogs!!

      I felt much the same – very unpartypants and then very happy times by the end, and not just because I drank more than I usually do ever or because we played speed penis 😉

      Nic saw that picture last night and just laughed and laughed. She really does look very chuffed to be in a pouch.

      • Penny says:

        She really does look chuffed!

        I think the funniest part of speed penis was when someone was unsure if they had spelt the word right so they said “Penis?” in an enquiring way. Oh the hilarity

      • Em says:

        We were talking about holding a games day at school today. I suggested speed penis.
        I actually think it would be a legitimately good game for kids to play (helps with spelling, hand-eye coordination, letter recognition, etc) but… maybe you’d need to change the name first. 😉

  2. Oooh how come you still don’t know whether she likes toys? She loves pats! That is a big big big plus for a whippet x because it could mean that humans are actually… you know… important to her. I’m so hoping you will go look at her at tell me what she’s like. I wanna know! 🙂

  3. oh wow! I found someone who has same hobby with me!! Looking at & pet rescue!! Dreaming of some beautiful property in the bush with space for agility yard 🙂

    • Em says:

      Well at least you can fit your DW in your yard! No chance of that at my place 😦
      But yeah it’s a bit of an obsession. I just want a place, not more than 45 mins from my school and 20 mins from a station for Nic with enough room for a good-sized agility course in the yard! Not so much to ask, surely!!! 😉

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